Concern about proposed Kum & Go
       Thank you for your recent follow-up and new stories concerning the present and future of the Goodwill property (May 23 - “Goodwill steps up 2300 block activity… at least for now” and June 13 - “Goodwill ready to sell land in 2300 block south of avenue to Kum & Go for store, pumps”).
       As a resident of 23rd and Cucharras streets, I'm glad I'll have the opportunity to voice my concerns about the volume of foot, bicycle, private and commercial traffic.
       I don't think the planning department knows how many pedestrians, runners, bicyclists have been added by the Midland Trail, and also the current volume of semitractor trailers and residential traffic on Cucharras, where I've lived for 30 years.
       Looking forward to this meeting with Goodwill.

Jerry Tolve