In memoriam: Annette Niswonger

       Anne Marie (Annette) Niswonger, 72, part of the family ownership of Westside-based Patsy's Candies, passed away Aug. 28. The cause was cancer.

Annette Niswonger

       Annette was born in Algiers, Africa April 8, 1941. She is survived by her husband Wesley and three children, Si, Christine and Michael, and six grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her mother, Marie Jeanne and her father, Jules Lagae, her brother, Francois Lagae, and sister, Marie Claire Bossaert.
       Her family of Belgian descent immigrated to the United States in 1956. In 1963, they moved to Colorado Springs where she met and married Wesley Niswonger, whose family had bought Patsy's in 1956. In a 2006 Westside Pioneer article on the Niswongers' 50-year anniversary as the Patsy's owners, Annette laughed that one of her favorite songs was the Johnny Cash tune, “Ballad of a Teenage Queen,” which features the line, “She loved the boy next door who worked at the candy store.”
       Annette's participation in the business included running the business office, designing the candy boxes and doing the buying.
       “As a wife and mother she was devoted to her family, which were the light of her life,” her obituary reads. “Annette was an incredibly caring and generous woman who always thought of others first; her presence and smile would light up a room.”
       A memorial service was held Aug. 31.

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