EDITORíS DESK: More about the Pioneer going online

       We've been getting some feedback on our announcement about publishing online-only starting in January, and I'm happy to say that most of it has been supportive. But we have heard from several people who are displeased because they don't have computers. Real displeased in one case. Is that what's called a "backhand compliment"? I truly wish there was something we could do. In the 10 years since Therese and I started the Westside Pioneer, we've heard from quite a few people who've said we're the only paper they trust. That's been a delight as well as a responsibility. And I know a lot of those folks are perfectly happy without modern electronic gadgetry. I can totally relate to that. Therese and I share a cell phone, which is typically just for peace-of-mind things like being out on the road in bad weather.
       But to get back to the Pioneer's online-only plan, the plain and simple fact is that printing for us is no longer a viable option. I ticked off the reasons in this column two weeks ago, and I doubt you want to hear them again. But for you folks without computers, I would offer the following: Consider buying one. In my humble opinion, the personal computer is close to the greatest invention in human history. It's remarkably affordable. All kinds of communication are available, from e-mail to social media, and with the Internet now you can almost literally find out anything. Of course, there is the caveat that yes, online communications can be scary, with scammers, hackers, virus-planters, etc. But those forests and empty fields you explored as kids weren't always the safest places either, were they? The same basic rules apply with computers: Learn what to look out for and then be careful. How to learn? You could talk to our pal David Rasmussen at the Old Colorado City Library, who offers beginner courses for free. Speaking for our situation, if you decide to go online, the website at westsidepioneer.com that we will be retooling for January will rival our printed product for ease of reading, updates as needed (formerly impossible), photos (all color) and access (still free).
       But if you're still unconvinced, then I'm sorry, I guess our time with you is almost over. Three more printed issues. We'll hate losing you. Just do us one favor. Wish us luck with our change. You're losing your printed newspaper. We could lose our shirts.

- K.J.