CHS AVID students help staffer who lost home

       Coronado High School administrative assistant Deanne Ladefoged and her husband lost their home and several vehicles in the Black Forest Fire last summer.

Coronado AVID students and staff members are shown after volunteering at the property of a school employee whose Black Forest house burned.
Westside Pioneer photo

       Hearing about what had happened, 49 students in the school's AVID program went to her house on a non-school day recently for a service project. Helped by Assistant Principal Jared Welch and five teachers, the students removed dead trees and debris, raked, seeded and mulched for a new grassy area surrounding the home.
       According to Laura Stuckey, one of the teachers, “the students really wanted to make a difference for Mrs. Ladefoged. Not only did they work hard, but they spent time talking to her.”
       One of the students, ninth-grader Christian Rodriguez-Roberts, said he was “excited to help out,” even though it wasn't a school day. “Watching the final product and seeing what we accomplished really moved me.”
       Ladefoged expressed her appreciation: “I am so pleased to have them help us with this project. It would have taken my husband and I weeks to accomplish it.”
       An acronym that stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, AVID is an in-school academic support program that “prepares students for college eligibility and success,” according to school information.
       The other teachers were Lynne Williams (the AVID coordinator), Bruce Nottingham, Michelle Petrash and Jenn Ury.

Westside Pioneer/press release