Do what’s best long term
       At this point, Goodwill hopes to sell to Kum & Go, a national chain. The Goodwill building on the south side of the block would be destroyed, and we'd end up with a 10-pump gas station/convenience store, with 24/7 traffic, lights and noise, and a sea of concrete. If you want better things for Old Colorado City (OCC), tell that to City Council, the mayor and city planners!
       Ask them to please keep in mind what's best long term for the whole city. While this huge gas station/store may be the highest dollar offer so far, it would be detrimental to local residents and business owners and to the whole city in the long term.
       Tell officials to please keep in mind that they represent residents and taxpayers who live and work in OCC, and as we said by a show of hands at the June 27 meeting, we don't want a gas station there!
       This acreage presents a huge opportunity to the city: Be leaders and do something outstanding, not something that even at its best would make Old Colorado City just like everyplace else.

Joyce Cheney