Dental office relocates after major remodel

       They were part of the original graduating class at Coronado High School in 1971 and were married in 1976.

Married Drs. Mary Purinsh and Gene McHugh pose in front of their remodeled commercial building at 1330 W. Colorado Ave.
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       Now Drs. Mary Purinsh and Gene McHugh - a dentist and audiologist, respectively - will be merging their practices at their newly renovated building at 1330 W. Colorado Ave.
       Actually, McHugh, currently situated north of downtown, hasn't moved yet and doesn't expect to do so until the end of the year, he explained last week during an informal tour of the 3,000-square-foot building.
       But Purinsh has already relocated her practice, Westside Family Dentistry, from its 32-year location in the Old Town Plaza in Old Colorado City and says she's pleased with the change.
       The building itself - originally a 7-Eleven store in 1967 - has been redone inside and out. The exterior, similar to other buildings nearby, was rebuilt in the columnar “Colonial Revival” style, which is defined in the technically specific 2009 “Historic Westside Design Guide-lines” book.
       The doctor duo have also added landscaping touches, including a pressed-brick parkway, grass and shrubs, and a bench.
       Purinsh also remarked on the mix of businesses and residences that can be found along that part of Colorado Avenue. “It makes for a nice neighborhood,” she said.
       In response, several of her new neighbors have thanked her and Gene for improving the building, which had sat vacant on the 10,000-square-foot lot since 2010 when Planned Parenthood moved out.

A view into two of the Purinsh office's dental spaces. The flat screen TV can show enlarged photos of patients' teeth
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       The exterior work included moving the front door to the middle of the building. A person walking in will find a high-ceiling entryway, with the right side leading to Purinsh's dental office and the left side reserved for McHugh's future audiology office.
       Purinsh said she was able to handle her professional needs at her old office, but has a better layout now, with her three dental chairs set up in a row and separate rooms for her lab, office and a breakroom. She's also been able to add some new touches, such as custom-made cabinets and TV screens above each chair to show patients enlarged photos of their teeth,
       Purinsh and McHugh bought the building last June.

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