‘Delighted’ about Farmers Market move
       I am delighted to read that the Farmers Market will no longer be artificially cramped into 24th Street.
       I've lived in the neighborhood for over 20 years, and I buy from farmers markets all summer long. I used to buy at our (Old Colorado City) market, but pretty much gave it up as the years went by. Oh, I'd circle the outside, and buy from the Organic Lady on the south end, and the Fruit People on the north end, but the center had become a no-woman's land. I got tired of being squeezed by too many people and not enough space. My favorite was getting plowed over by a double-wide (twins) stroller with mom, dad, and an enormous dog. Gotta love tripping over those tent ropes.
       It's not that I have anything against babies (yes, I used to be one; in fact, one of twins), or dogs (life-long dog, cat lover/owner). I even like people. And I REALLY like veggies....
       So, Mr. Organizer, take heart: you'll be getting a recycled customer back again. The vendors are terrific, and I look forward to patronizing the new, improved, enlarged, spacious OCC Farmers Market this summer. Taking the “street” out of street market, and moving into Bancroft Park is the best new idea in a long time.

Jann Durkin