Welling Clark proposes plan to coordinate regional tourism

       It started from a simple idea. As president of the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN), Welling Clark has been working with residents and business people trying to upgrade parts of West Colorado Avenue that ought to be popular with visitors but instead have been plagued with aging infrastructure, panhandlers and other unsavory types.
       “Once we get that avenue area fixed up, we need to have tourism laid on top of that to make it more economically viable,” Clark elaborated this week. “When the businesses thrive, the neighborhoods thrive.”
       He expects to present his proposal, which has evolved into a regional concept featuring a “loose confederation” of tourist-minded commercial entities - also including the downtown, Manitou and even the Air Force Academy - to City Council Oct. 22 during the Citizen Discussion part of the agenda.
       In a PowerPoint presentation, Clark defines his plan as “integrated tourism marketing.” The overall theme would be “Western Heritage Days.” This name was used for marketing in recent years by the Norris-Penrose Event Center and the Convention & Visitors Bureau, but Clark believes it could apply to the region as a whole.

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