Camp Creek: Citizen views sought on flood-control options at Dec. 12 meeting

       The first Camp Creek meeting in October asked people for suggestions on immediate and long-term flood-control measures.
       The second meeting, Thursday, Dec. 12, will seek citizen help in choosing from a list of possible solutions.
       Hosted by the design team from City Engineering and its contracted consulting firm of Wilson & Company, the session will be from 6 to 8:30 a.m. in the Coronado High School cafeteria, 1590 W. Filllmore St.
       Camp Creek has long been identified as lacking capacity to handle a major flood. But the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire increased the potential for such problems, analysts have said, and last summer saw repeated flooding incidents north of Pleasant Valley.
       According to Mike Chaves, the city civil engineer assigned to the Camp Creek effort, a key decision will be where to concentrate the improvements. “The design team has come up with different treatments for both the Pleasant Valley channel and along the creek in the Garden of the Gods Park,” he said. “If we can do something in the park, it will lessen what we have to do in the channel area.” The reverse scenario is also true, he added.
       In the park, a previously talked-about city concept has been to build a detention pond to temporarily hold back high creek waters. Chaves said the detention idea is still in play, but on a smaller scale. If any structural work is done in the Garden, it will “blend in so you really won't be able to notice it,” he explained.
       The Dec. 12 meeting will have the same type of format as the first one Oct. 22, in which design team members made a presentation, then let attendees break up into small, informal groups to discuss the information and develop combined opinions on what to do.
       Individual opinions/ideas are also welcomed.
       Chaves said it would be encouraging to get the same type of attendance as the Oct. 22 meeting, which attracted about 150 people.
       “We want to see what people think,” he said. “People aren't going to agree on everything, but we hope that two or three options will come out that we can work on.”
       The results of the design team's efforts will be presented at the next public meeting, probably in mid- to late January, Chaves said.
       A city press release elaborates that “emergency repairs to the drainage channel are planned for completion prior to the 2014 flash flood season. Planning, final design and permitting of large-scale projects are estimated to take approximately 18 months before actual construction can begin.”
       The release also notes that the summer flooding “produced high water levels, significant erosion and debris deposits in the Garden of the Gods and Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site [and washed out a footbridge over the creek]. Runoff and debris produced by the storms also damaged the lining of the large concrete channel along 31st Street that carries the creek through the Pleasant Valley neighborhood... The lining in portions of the channel is in poor condition and requires frequent repairs. Both the channel and about half of the bridges that cross it have been identified by the city as needing major repairs or replacement.”

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