More Code Enforcement officers sought; Westside meeting Nov. 13

       The Council of Neighbors and Organizations (CONO) thinks the city needs more comprehensive enforcements of its codes.
       The long-time volunteer citywide entity has scheduled a meeting on the Westside Wednesday, Nov. 13, and a plan for several more code officers to is on the agenda. The meeting is open to the public. The location will be the First Evangelical Free Church, 3022 W. Fontanero St., starting at 7 p.m.
       Code Enforcement is a branch of the Police Department. Officers re-spond to calls from the public about such issues as sanitation, aesthetics, abandoned vehicles, noise, illegal dumping, graffiti and houses in bad condition.
       CONO meets monthly (though not normally on the Westside). It consists of neighborhood groups (including the Organization of Westside Neighbors) from around the city.
       In a press release, CONO President Dave Munger notes that the mayor's proposed 2014 budget would fund an additional Code Enforcement officer, but “that will hardly give us enough personnel to improve our situation.”
       Munger points to a recent CONO study concluding that 10 additional officers are needed, who would “serve the city by districts.”
       According to the study, the city currently funds the equivalent of about eight full-time Code Enforcement positions (all but one in the Police Department, and three assigned just to “neighborhood strategy areas” such as the older Westside).
       The study also asserts that the city has fewer code officers per capita than comparable cities its size - for example Aurora, which has 340,000 residents compared to the Springs' 399,000, has 18 employees performing what's called “neighborhood services.”
       “Code enforcement is the number one concern and priority of our members,” reads the CONO study's opening statement. “In recent years, budget constraints have led to a reduction in code enforcement personnel, and it shows in every neighborhood in the city. Restoring code enforcement staff to adequately serve our neighborhoods will result in clean, safe, attractive neighborhoods we can all take pride in.”
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