Kum & Go out of place in Old Town
       Kum & Go's proposal for a gas station in the 2300 block of West Colorado Avenue is out of place due to economic, land-use and traffic impacts on Old Colorado City and would conflict with its historic and pedestrian character.
       We don't need to wait to pump gas in this area. West Colorado Avenue already hosts 10 pumps between 21st and 31st Street, and the addition of Kum & Go would affect the sales from those three stations.
       The Kum & Go proposal is also not in alignment with the city's land use development and zoning codes, particularly 7.5.502 E, Development Plan Review Criteria.
       Let's encourage a proposal for the Goodwill property that would expand the success of historic tourism for Old Colorado City. The successful Ivywild School renovation provides a model for this location: attract a creative investment partnership; renovate (rather than demolish) the existing Goodwill building; and create business opportunities for many local businesses.
       Old Colorado City needs model development with historic and pedestrian character as well as a boost in sales for all area merchants.

Valerie Rosenkrantz