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October 31st, 2013               Your weekly news source for the Colorado Springs Westside -- Online Edition               Volume 10, Number 43

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Not quite enough for Coronado

'New' Chestnut about to open all the way through

New Garden of the Gods Club owners plan 'wellness center' that would be open to public

Old Colorado City Foundation anticipates ‘marathon’ to get Bancroft improvements

EDITOR'S DESK: The ‘marathon’ for Bancroft Park

Meet a Westsider: Janeen Bohannon

COBWEB CORNERS: Train wreck near the Rock Island station

School board, 2 state questions on Nov. 5 ballot for Westsiders

Fire not cause for Express Inn demo delay

Local company has taken over from Sunrise on most of Kissing Camels properties homebuilding

Westside Briefs: Councilmember town hall Nov. 5

Rotary awards $119,000 from Osborne Trust to 17 nonprofits aiding the poor

GoG Rotary sees numbers drop; hopes to add members

Concerns about Sondermann tree-cutting; city responds

Meeting on 77-acre Red Rock tree-cutting plan

Addiction group: 1st meeting Nov. 5

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