EDITORíS DESK: Hereís to the Comeback Cougars

       We're not a sports publication. We've said that before. Covering high school sports can be especially demanding, with often obscure statistics, elusive coaches, less than ideal playing venues and taciturn young athletes who have not yet learned there is nothing more important in the world than providing quotable comments to a newsie.
       Another point about high school sports: The audience is actually pretty limited. Despite all the work involved in "getting the story," practically the only readers are the players' parents. No offense to you dedicated prep athletes out there (I was once one myself), but our occasional editions that have featured Coronado sports have actually been some of our slowest movers at the news stands.
       To top it off, if there's one area that the local daily does well, it's high school sports, with writers and photographers blanketing the region on game days, even providing event video clips on their website. If the daily - and all the others like it across the nation - had put as much effort three years ago into ferreting out the inherent problems in Obamacare, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in! Whoops, I'm veering off topic. The point is, there's no way a little weekly paper can compete with such impressively comprehensive prep sports coverage.
       So, having recited all these points on the negative side of the ledger, of course we're going to totally ignore Coronado High School's first-ever state championship in football, right? As if! I don't care if we get 1,000 returns on this issue. That story belongs on Page 1. Seriously, if someone had proposed the way this happened as a fiction screenplay, it would have been rejected as too implausible.
       Every week through the playoffs I braced myself for a loss, and yet those unflappable Comeback Cougars kept pulling victories out of their hats. Standing on the sidelines during the frigid semifinals game, as the Classical Academy was mounting a late comeback of its own, I was amazed at how calm the Coronado players seemed. As if they knew. Credit for some of that has to go to "Coach Liz," as he's called. And not elusive, I should add. Still, I can't help puzzling over several players' post-championship quotes, implying that the state title was the goal they had in mind all along. For a Coronado football team? They had to be kidding. Well, not anymore. Congratulations, guys. Wow.

- K.J.