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NATURE NARRATIVES: Backyard bobcats a very short tale

By Melissa Walker
       On Nov. 13, a mother bobcat and her two half-grown kittens spent two hours in our backyard. While the mother napped in the tall grasses, the kittens played and explored. Here's a glimpse into the daily lives of bobcat kittens, at least for two hours.

Photo 1
Kittens listen intently to sounds in the aspen grove

Photo 2
and check out what else is going on

Photo 3
and watch the fish in the pond

Photo 4
and strip bark from the Russian Olive tree to chew.

Photo 5
Mother Bobcat ends her rest and strides across the edge of the yard

Photo 6
until she

Photo 7

A Westside naturalist, Walker posts regular entries in her online blog at naturenarratives.com. She has given her permission to reprint selected pieces in the Westside Pioneer.

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