Red Rock: Trail undo suffers undoing

       About 15 volunteers spent the morning Jan. 19 closing off an unauthorized loop in Red Rock that unauthorized cycling enthusiasts had built earlier this month. The work included blocking the paths with rocks and limbs and setting mats with seed to restore grass in damaged areas.

ABOVE: Volunteers restore vegetation Jan. 19 on an unauthorized, downhill bicycle run (foreground) and related riding loop near the dog area in Red Rock Canyon Open Space. BELOW: Three days later, it was evident that the scofflaws were back, as seen by the tire tracks across the “This is not a trail” notice.
Westside Pioneer photo (above); Dave Dombach photo (below)

       Workers represented the Colorado Addicted Trail-builders Society (CATS), Medicine Wheel (a cycling trail-work group) and Friends of Red Rock Canyon.
       However, coming back to the site three days later, CATS leader Dave Dombach saw that the loop users had returned. They'd moved aside some of the rocks and limbs, created new track and even ridden over a notice in the dirt that states, “This is not a trail.”
       Volunteers would like to talk to the perpetrators to explain that in a city open space only master-planned trails are allowed, but that new-trail opportunities exist in other locations.

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