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Articles by Subject

Featured Sections
Biz Buzz
1/7/10: OCCA office moves from 25th Street
1/21/10: Simpich to begin 'Firebird' run Jan. 27
2/4/10: Lacrosse star to appear at store
2/11/10: New exhibit; Bank's 30th; center fundraiser
2/18/10: OCC songwriter releases 6th CD
2/25/10: Restaurant construction taking shape
3/4/10: 'Eco' framing service
3/25/10: Simpich 'Portraits' starts March 31
4/1/10: Student support for parade benefit
4/15/10: Restaurant on Roundhouse radar
4/22/10: Rebuild starts off Villas project
5/13/10: Cancer Society benefits from Car Show
5/20/10: New jazz club in Old Colorado City
5/27/10: Next Old Town Art Walk June 4
6/10/10: Coffee lounge opens on Colbrunn
7/1/10: Manitou shop opens 2nd store in OCC
7/8/10: Artist demonstrations at 2 OCC galleries
7/15/10: Sales to help parks initiative
7/29/10: Expansion begins on Old Town building
8/5/10: 'Sock Hop' before Car Show
8/19/10: Charity bike ride set for 9/11
9/9/10: International couple open studio
9/23/10: Old Town ArtWalk Oct. 1
9/30/10: 3 lots into 2 in Mesa Springs
10/14/10: UPS to aid Komen fundraising
10/28/10: Oct. 30: Farmers' Market's last day of 2010
11/4/10: New restaurant in Old Colorado City
11/11/10: Simpich opens 'Christmas Carol' Nov. 17
11/18/10: Commission hears permit request
12/2/10: New musical comedy opens at MAT
12/16/10: New Reiki studio in Old Colorado City
12/23/10: Santa has to leave cabin early Dec. 24

Cobweb Corners
1/7/10: The incline that never happened
1/14/10: The contributions of Matt France
1/21/10: The private rail car
1/28/10: The railroad man called 'Finder'
2/4/10: A problem that turned into money
2/11/10: More about ice
2/18/10: Any word on Caboose Number 409?
2/25/10: Names connected with the Mountain
3/4/10: Old-style diners getting hard to find
3/11/10: How illuminating was light from peak?
3/18/10: Diner stories and the wrong-way ride
3/25/10: Three cheers for Coronado
4/1/10: General Grant comes to town
4/8/10: What General Grant didn't do
4/15/10: Tick Tock!
4/22/10: Palmer's first look at Colorado
4/29/10: Palmer leaves the Kansas Pacific
5/6/10: The General Palmer movies
5/13/10: So how tall IS it?
5/20/10: The second-most-asked-about mountain
5/27/10: Trails that became roads
6/3/10: Jones Park - the old summit route
6/10/10: Palmer's early railroad days
6/24/10: Welsh influences on Palmer's railroad
7/1/10: The caboose that inspired me
7/8/10: The mystery mine
7/15/10: Plane crash on the Peak
7/22/10: Blacksmiths and wagons
7/29/10: The era of the dude ranches
8/5/10: Remembering fun places
8/12/10: A Midland engineer's house
8/19/10: High-grading at the gold mines
8/26/10: Bicycles and cattle drives
9/2/10: The other Westside railroad
9/9/10: Funny thing the conductor said
9/16/10: The house at 31st and Colorado
9/23/10: City traffic usage, circa 1914
9/30/10: The Peak's searchlight in 1913
10/7/10: The Blair Athol mine
10/14/10: An English village like Manitou
10/21/10: The two 'Short Lines'
10/28/10: Women on Midland train engines
11/4/10: The railroad's paint company
11/11/10: Downtown Colorado City in the 1880s
11/18/10: The pie lady
11/24/10: More railroad stations
12/2/10: Some background on burgers
12/9/10: Life after the railroad
12/16/10: When they made do with less
12/23/10: Cheyenne Mountain and the stone tower

Editor's Desk
1/7/10: AddAmemory
1/14/10: Off in a cloud of dust
1/21/10: Too late to decide if patience a virtue?
1/28/10: Just try and stop him
2/4/10: The campers: A business solution
2/11/10: News and Frankenstein's bride
2/18/10: No trash talking here
2/25/10: Good to see the ordinance pass
3/4/10: Coronado: Stepping up for the parade
3/11/10: Parks: the regional alternative
3/18/10: An 'emergency'... with forms in triplicate
3/25/10: The center's not-so-secret future
4/1/10: New paper for our newspaper
4/8/10: Which philosophy deserves a home?
4/15/10: A slug for each story
4/22/10: School closures in retrospect
4/29/10: Tooting our horn
5/6/10: No 'recovery' without a bouquet
5/13/10: A win-win and a lose-lose
5/20/10: Let's park in this space
5/27/10: Plenty of time to spare
6/3/10: Now that summer's here (we think)...
6/10/10: Time for a break... you think?
6/24/10: Preserving the Entryway - yay!
7/1/10: The back story on the backdrop
7/8/10: Streetcars: What price charisma?
7/15/10: No fiddling allowed... except bluegrass
7/22/10: On publishing the addresses
7/29/10: Complicating things
8/5/10: Bring on the faeries
8/12/10: Board takes us for an (alternative) ride
8/19/10: Not so fast (that's for sure) with grant
8/26/10: Sustainable skepticism
9/2/10: The Westside - right on time
9/9/10: The parade's back - yippee!
9/16/10: Applauding government servants
9/23/10: A day in the sun
9/30/10: Concerns about 'strong mayor'
10/7/10: On amending TOPS
10/14/10: Centennial extension, unsimplified
10/21/10: A beautiful day in the neighborhood
10/28/10: Oh, no! It's about the election
11/4/10: When bigger isn't sweeter
11/11/10: Tough climb with hillside overlay
11/18/10: The pedestrian overpass, one more time
11/24/10: Plus, it could cure the common cold
12/2/10: Christmas... do you feel it yet?
12/9/10: Throwing darts in the dark
12/16/10: Survey question to City Council: Huh?
12/23/10: God rest ye merry volunteers

Guest Columns
2/11/10: A good year, mate!
3/25/10: The Avenue Merchants
4/1/10: OWN backs Woodmen
9/16/10: Reasons to celebrate Carnegie
11/18/10: Second wind... literally, By Constance Gelvin

1/28/10: Campers: Agencies help some move on from Geraldine Kirkmeyer
1/28/10: Campers: If they were on private land... from Dick Standaert
1/28/10: Popular crossing guard remembered from Scotty West
2/11/10: Homeless treated to trash pickup from Carla DeKalb
2/11/10: Pleased to see no-camping vote from Jerry Heimlicher
3/4/10: Appreciated help on West carnival from Angel Chavez
3/4/10: Donations sought for city pools from Deb Barry
4/8/10: Deb's closing; friends thanked from Deb Wallbaum
4/8/10: Fundraising for center was needed from Dave Hughes
4/8/10: Plea for Julie Penrose Fountain from Kristen Downs
4/15/10: What are we all doing, post-2C?
4/29/10: Appreciates Crystal Apple coverage from Barbara Harris
4/29/10: Concern about budget cuts on parks from Lily Knauf
5/13/10: Bijou School leader says farewell from Wayne Hutchison
6/24/10: A good eatery for the Roundhouse from Nancy Orner
7/15/10: Respect Pleasant Valley gateway from James F. Corcoran
8/26/10: 'A healthy, sustainable economy' from Al Brody
8/26/10: 'Remarkable' Garden trail repairs from John Demmon
9/2/10: Sustainability outcome a concern from Dick Standaert
9/30/10: Section 16 purchase supported from Karen Cullen
10/21/10: A fun place to go in Section 16 from Don Ellis
11/18/10: Supports OCC Halloween tradition from Cretee Nemmer
12/2/10: Sustainability: Doubts about PPACG from Dick Standaert
12/2/10: Sustainability: Focus should be on prosperity from Dana Beasley
12/9/10: Why government seeks sustainability from Tom Nelson
12/16/10: 'Central planning' real survey goal from Brad Collins
12/23/10: More CO2 helps greenhouse plants from Fred Zobel

Meet a Westside Pioneer
1/14/10: Guy Dobbin
3/11/10: Jeanne Downing
4/8/10: Tim Reid
4/29/10: Shirley Cherry
5/27/10: Joan Bakken
7/1/10: Margaret Louise Golden
10/14/10: Roberta Schneider

Meet a Westsider
1/7/10: JaiShree Prakash
2/25/10: Rose Bennett
3/4/10: Irma Kristel
3/18/10: Phil Westfall
3/25/10: Judy Willey
4/1/10: April Fool
4/15/10: Doris Hendrix
4/22/10: Manuel Thayne
5/6/10: Pat Dinsmore
5/13/10: Sally Sue Coddington
6/10/10: Bonnie Powers
7/15/10: Dennis Valdez
7/22/10: Clint Tafoya
7/29/10: Cynthia Darrigan
8/5/10: MaryEllyn Taylor
8/19/10: Judy Ekstrom
8/26/10: June Terry
9/9/10: Rev. Ann Dyer Smith
9/30/10: Doris Collison
11/11/10: Lela Mylne
11/18/10: Pam Reilly
11/24/10: Evan Brewer
12/9/10: Carol Gravenstein
12/23/10: Martha Simons

Nature Narratives:
8/19/10: A bobcat in the backyard (part 1)
9/2/10: A bobcat in the backyard (part 2)
10/28/10: Outside an autumn window
11/24/10: Fall observations of white-throated swifts
12/16/10: Solstice to feature total eclipse

Somewhere, on the Westside...
9/16/10: Somewhere, on the Westside...

Westside Briefs
1/7/10: Westside Briefs: Posse to hear McFarland railroad talk
1/14/10: Rock Ledge up to $21,000
1/28/10: Small fires doused near water tower
2/4/10: Bighorns back; Copies of Guidelines in
2/11/10: Traffic study at Mesa Springs meeting
2/18/10: Pikes Peak Philarmonic performs
2/25/10: Square-dancing begins at center
3/4/10: 'Bicycles of Yesteryear' at History Center
4/22/10: Fundraising includes Bancroft blues shows
4/29/10: White Acres barbed-wire removal May 8
5/6/10: 'Roundup' at Westside Center May 15
5/13/10: Second City improvisers at Unity Church
5/20/10: El Pomar grant aids Greccio Housing
6/3/10: 3 jazz concerts in Bear Creek Park
6/10/10: Annual Horse Show at Norris-Penrose
6/24/10: Old Colorado City Art Walk July 2
7/1/10: Walking tour leaves from library July 10
7/8/10: Associations to meet with city about Fillmore
7/15/10: Additional info on park adoptions
7/22/10: Grant to continue Westside fire mitigation
7/29/10: Bijou to benefit from butterfly sculptures
8/5/10: Medicine Wheel free-ride workday Aug. 7
8/19/10: Six bands to play at Secret Garden Aug. 29
9/2/10: 5-minute break on parking meters
9/9/10: Historic enactor at OCCHS dinner
9/16/10: Spirit Awards deadline Oct. 1
9/30/10: TOSC helps with Rock Ledge fundraiser
10/7/10: RTA reps to discuss 21st/24 project
10/21/10: 'Cohousing' proposed in Midland area
10/28/10: Manitou Blvd. project
11/4/10: Art night at former Midland School
11/11/10: Fire-flow project along Uintah almost done
11/18/10: Last Family Fun Night of season Nov. 19
11/24/10: Annual B&B Holiday Tour Dec. 5
12/2/10: Wood stove ashes cause Cucharras fire
12/9/10: PV sets Holiday Lights competition
12/16/10: Beneficial B&B Tour for OCCHS
12/23/10: Alzheimer's support group forming

Westside Schools
1/14/10: Westside schools: Caremobile coming to Midland
1/21/10: Westside schools: Honor orchestras perform at CHS
1/28/10: Jackson draws crowd for addition open house
2/11/10: Holmes, West math students add to successes
2/18/10: 'Power Results' grant for the Wests
2/25/10: Memorial tree preserved at Jackson
3/11/10: CHS ensemble to NY; 'music garden' at BV
4/1/10: Buena Vista information night April 7
4/15/10: Waxing educational at Midland
4/22/10: Howbert musical changes 'Woods' song
5/6/10: CSAP 3rd-grade reading scores in
5/13/10: Coronado musicians strike winning tune
5/20/10: Buena Vista personalizes entrance
5/27/10: Early Colleges info; CHS publication teamwork
6/10/10: Coronado hosts first Aerospace Institute
8/19/10: AcademyACL starts a day earlier
9/2/10: Band at open house
10/7/10: High participation in AACL Readathon
10/28/10: Bijou plugged into film festival
11/4/10: 'Community engagement' at CHS Nov. 9
11/11/10: CHS presents 'Little Shop of Horrors'
12/16/10: Cougar Cheer squad takes sixth at state

What do you do?
1/21/10: Rob Rodine
1/28/10: Bernideen Canfield
2/4/10: Richard Walford
2/11/10: Deborah Bonifas
2/18/10: Terri Udy
5/20/10: Richard Jensen
6/3/10: Kristine Van Wert
6/24/10: Katherine Kennedy
7/8/10: Barb Rineer
8/12/10: Angela Banfield
9/2/10: Bill Miller
9/16/10: Sue Oksa
9/23/10: Charles Carley
10/7/10: Toni Miller
10/21/10: Roxy Buell
10/28/10: Ed Bousquet
11/4/10: Tracie Van Buskirk
12/2/10: Rosa Medellin
12/16/10: Jerry Brown

Other Articles

5/27/10: Rouse likes having fun with his art
7/29/10: She never looked so good
9/9/10: 8 butterfly sculptures at 6 Westside locations
11/4/10: Pikes Peak Studio Tour: Necker left-brained and proud of it

Bear Creek Nature Center
4/15/10: Photographer John Fielder at Nature Center April 23
5/6/10: Famous photog visits
6/10/10: Jazz in Bear Creek Park
8/5/10: Memorial garden to honor family hit by two-generation tragedy
8/26/10: Bear Creek gardeners seek money for goats
12/2/10: Nature Center still in business but looking for help
12/9/10: 'Candlelight' attracts 760 to Nature Center

2/4/10: Gardner authors new 'Kid' book; release event Feb. 9 at GoG Club
3/25/10: Beating MS, cancer leads 'miracles' in Wesley book
6/10/10: Westsider's book proposes non-political 'energy crisis' solutions

Boy Scouts
2/11/10: Scouting centennial: Recalling talented, dedicated local leader recalled
5/13/10: 1st time collaboration: Glen to host 100-year Scout Camporee
5/20/10: Scouts, leaders shape up Glen Eyrie trails at property's 1st-time Camporee
8/26/10: Cub Scout Pack 24 planning 'Bike Rodeo' Sept. 1
9/2/10: Pack 6 improves school area; plans Sept. 8 meeting
10/28/10: Coronado back as Scout 'college' site
11/18/10: 500 Scouts come to Coronado as 'college' more than doubles in size in second year

Buildings, New Construction, and Real Estate
2/25/10: 2 Westside outlets for Design Guidelines
4/1/10: City gives reasons for Shoppes extension
5/6/10: Colorado Place upgrades nearly done
5/6/10: Trespassers take toll on vacant hilltop commercial site property owners put on notice: Code Enforcement gives property owners 15 days to board up building
6/10/10: Coca-Cola building coming back to life: Two new tenants in $700K Murphy renovation
6/24/10: Building reconstruction at fire-stricken Stepping Stones
7/15/10: New Victorian rises on Pikes Peak Ave.
7/22/10: Cedar Heights: Roads in, lots shaped on one of last large Westside parcels
7/22/10: Informal plan for Uintah Bluffs calls for 120 apartments
7/29/10: Vandalism to mean Bijou Hill closure next July 4
8/19/10: New home on Mesa for Planned Parenthood
9/2/10: Builder's concept plan stays alive for old school property
9/23/10: Heads up! Lid coming off on roofing scams
10/21/10: Controversy no stranger to Kiowa duplex project
10/28/10: Kiowa foreclosure looms: News of bank interest emerges at neighborhood meeting on latest request for controversial project
10/28/10: Tenancy now seen in December for Stepping Stones
11/11/10: Planning Commission OKs MVS request to shed hillside overlay
12/16/10: Heads up! 2 Regional Building safety concerns
12/16/10: MVS OK'd to plan development... if owners choose to

Centennial Extension
1/14/10: Bonds to fund Centennial in Indian Hills
2/25/10: New subdivision would link Centennial Blvd. to I-25 at southern end: MVS proposal to Planning Commission in April
9/9/10: Centennial snags: Posted bond amount too low; deal elusive on upgrades at intersections
10/14/10: Centennial Blvd. extension: Land swap proposed to allow northern completion

1/21/10: Westsider making 'Indiana Jones' rescue run to Haiti
1/28/10: CSIC, Wellbriety offices open at church
1/28/10: McGintys successful in Haiti aid journey
2/11/10: More meters on Westside for homeless programs
2/18/10: Food stamps not enough? Only local certainty: Hunger persistent
5/6/10: Happy meter
6/10/10: Rotary seeks applications for Osborne Fund
10/28/10: Osborne Fund grant helps Westside Center plan new services
11/11/10: Operation Christmas Child commencing; collection week will be Nov. 15-22
11/18/10: 'Operation' would be glad of a few more shoeboxes
11/18/10: Second Wind Fund plans Westside fundraiser Nov. 20

Christmas Time
12/23/10: Plugging into a full moon
12/23/10: Pleasant displays

2/25/10: Orthodox Church completes dining hall
3/25/10: Listing of Westside Easter services Sunday, April 4
9/30/10: Annual Prayer Chain along Centennial Oct. 3

City Parks
1/14/10: City to 'go green' in new part of Fairview Cemetery
3/4/10: City Parks, 2010: Adopt a trash can
5/13/10: 4 pools (3 privately run) to be open to the public
7/1/10: Young plants getting care... and soon will be shared in charity aspect of new Vermijo Park Garden
7/8/10: Volunteers step up for Westside parks
9/30/10: 1st-time garden in Vermijo Park 'worked great'

County Parks
3/11/10: Garden Association offers classes next two Saturdays
3/11/10: Survey chance on regional parks idea
6/10/10: County facilitating 'nature club' to get families outdoors
10/28/10: Weed-eating goats scheduled to return to Bear Creek Park Nov. 2
11/11/10: Goats to keep chomping until Nov. 16

7/29/10: Bubbling over
9/16/10: 'Aesop' to open at Simpich Theater
10/14/10: Dizzying heights: The Loft provides range of live music from the top floor of the Templeton Building

6/3/10: 1,500 target for Starlight Spectacular
6/24/10: Pac-Man rides: OCC bike shop quintet adds gaming look to Starlight Spectacular event
8/5/10: 'Faerie Festival' in Vermijo Aug. 7
8/12/10: Vermijo Faerie Festival to be 2 days in '11

Farmer's Market
6/3/10: Farmers Market starts June 12
6/3/10: OCCHS' summer Saturday fairs at same time as Farmers' Market

Garden of the Gods
2/18/10: Deer help bighorns give wildlife flavor to annual event
2/18/10: Feeling sheepish
2/18/10: Quietly, Garden of the Gods works around city budget cuts
2/25/10: Under the weather
3/18/10: Tourist-friendlier signs to be installed at Garden of the Gods
3/25/10: Diary reveals the human side of General Palmer
4/8/10: Earth Day activities at Garden, Rock Ledge Ranch
5/13/10: GoG Visitor Center adds activities for summer
5/13/10: Scholarship offer
7/1/10: 9 properties down, 17 to go for Garden of the Gods 'backdrop'
7/22/10: Annual Garden challenge: Find the prairie falcon nest, by Melissa Walker
7/22/10: Bird drama - you just have to look up
8/19/10: Celebrating 15 years
8/26/10: Garden of the Gods 'health walks' to start Sept. 8
8/26/10: GoG workday invites trail volunteers
9/2/10: Komen Race for Cure at Garden of the Gods Sept. 12
9/9/10: Nice hike; view's not too bad
9/16/10: RMFI starts fall season on GoG trails
9/30/10: GoG Visitor Center resumes 'Look' program
10/4/10: New Garden road signs seem to be working out
12/16/10: Solstice hike at Garden benefits 4 nonprofits

Gold Hill Mesa
3/11/10: Recyclers meet St. Patrick at Gold Hill
3/18/10: 4th builder starts at Gold Hill Mesa; Filing 2 getting set for future homes
3/18/10: Gold Hill recycling success
7/22/10: Gold Hill Mesa readies for role as a main site in Parade of Homes
8/12/10: 300 come to GHM on first Parade weekend
8/26/10: Gold Hill Mesa to keep art on commons
11/18/10: Gold Hill Mesa buys back Laing lots that were in bankruptcy
11/18/10: New builder successful at Gold Hill

3/25/10: Goodwill accepting scrap metal
8/19/10: Karla Grazier named Goodwill Industries CEO

1/21/10: City's homeless price tag: $500K
1/28/10: Loss of streetlights, trash cans reveal local budget blues
2/4/10: City Council to revisit no-camping law; idea is to clear out tents but not strand the needful
2/11/10: No-camping ordinance passes: City Council supports police plan; implementation anticipated by March
2/25/10: Gallagher comments don't stop final passage of no-camping ordinance
3/11/10: Over half of creekside campers gone
4/8/10: No camping from downtown to Manitou: County resolution ensures consistent enforcement along Fountain Creek through Westside
4/8/10: 'Really nothing left' of Westside camps
6/10/10: County plans to buy former Intel facility
8/26/10: Public input sought on 2 planning efforts
9/2/10: Transient issues: Summer of '10 west of 31st better than '09
9/23/10: Sustainability-seekers revise focus-group dates
10/7/10: District 3 City Councilman to host town hall
10/14/10: County completes purchase of Corporate Ridge
10/21/10: Rock Ledge, Westside CC have stakes in 2011 city budget
11/11/10: Barely re-elected, Morse fearful of what Republican spending controls will lead to; Gardner, winner of 3rd term, suggests Democrat 'still in campaign mode'
11/11/10: Lee: 'All ideas on the table'
11/24/10: Sustainability plan: Dream or nightmare? Dec. 1 deadline to fill out PPACG goals survey
12/2/10: 4 hours of sustaining Dec. 6
12/2/10: DHS Spruce St. buildings to become empty soon
12/16/10: New PPACG target: regional greenhouse gas emissions
12/16/10: Sustaining into Phase 2: But post-survey analysis includes major downsize of future transit goal

Groups and Clubs
4/1/10: After snowy 27th annual show, Whittlers plan 28th in May '11
4/1/10: Wood you like to know more?
5/13/10: Grant to Greccio
6/10/10: Model of the Old West
10/7/10: Some people juggle priorities; others...

Highway 24
5/20/10: Hwy 24 EA meeting may not be scheduled until fall
8/12/10: CDOT begins sharing Hwy 24 draft EA plans with area entities; public to see document this fall
11/4/10: Questions persist on Hwy 24 'preferred alternative'
11/18/10: OWN blesses pedestrian overpass proposal

7/1/10: Local 'Lincoln' hangs up his top hat
9/2/10: More interest in Lamarr (as inventor), Hughes finds
9/16/10: Fred Clark: An Old Town kid in the 1930s

Holland Park
8/5/10: Utilities volunteers help Douglas Creek OS

Humane Society
2/26/09: Surgery center expanding Humane Society capabilities
11/18/10: Dog neutering, income-based cost breaks at Humane Society

2/11/10: Sharing some history
3/25/10: Bilingual youth program at library welcomes native English or Spanish speakers
4/8/10: Library all but closed April 19-24 for technology upgrade
4/8/10: Writing honors for 9 Westside students
4/15/10: Silly hedgehog!
4/22/10: Library to reopen April 26... with RFID tags
6/3/10: Library may beep at you ... at least for a while
6/3/10: Library offers walking tours of Old Town
9/16/10: Old Colorado City Library plans annual Carnegie recognition
10/28/10: Well-rounded event

Local Businesses
1/21/10: Relocations for Barracuda Bazaar, other businesses
2/4/10: Hotel takes business approach in renting homes to homeless
3/25/10: Italian family restaurant opens in Old Town
4/8/10: Grand opening for martial arts facility April 17
4/8/10: Restaurant becomes monthly chow hall for veterans
5/27/10 New barbecue restaurant at 31st and Highway 24 to open June 2
6/3/10: Finding a home
6/10/10: Almost ready to fill 'em up
6/10/10: Strycker to retire from Greccio in November
7/8/10: Popular Westside restaurant in 20th year
8/5/10: Mountain Shadows still a family restaurant
8/12/10: Burlap Bag reopens Naegele location
9/9/10: 10 years for Eve's Revolution
9/16/10: Restaurant moves up the avenue to Manitou Springs
9/16/10: Taste of history
10/14/10: Patke named new Greccio director
11/11/10: Front Range BBQ nearly done with work on outdoor/indoor area
12/9/10: Cucuru celebrates 5th year, front patio approval
12/16/10: Pine Creek Art Gallery to become 100% Internet: Dec. 24 last day for Old Town shop after 20 years

1/28/10: Unsure about medical marijuana store? Call Code Enforcement
6/10/10: City Council tells dispensaries how to become legitimate
6/24/10: OWN wants gap between dispensaries, residences
7/22/10: License applications submitted for 38 Westside dispensaries
7/22/10: Medical marijuana applications - Westside
7/29/10: Follow-up: Actually there were 51 applications
7/29/10: Solo house at 31st & Colo. to get upgrade, may become dispensary
10/14/10: District 3 councilman opposes banning MMJ sales in neighborhoods
10/14/10: CSHP gives up on Fillmore Hill medical campus plan
10/28/10: Remembering who they serve: Westside-based regional chapter of Alzheimer's Association stays active
12/9/10: 1 dispensary that's watching the distance regulations
12/9/10: Out of 36 dispensary applications, 29 now in business on Westside
12/9/10: OWN survey: Support for MMJ & regulations: But public wish for neighborhood protection not reflected in proposal by Planning Commission
12/9/10: Westside medical marijuana dispensaries - current snapshot
12/16/10: No relief for West Colorado Ave. in new MMJ zoning: City Council vote ignores OWN survey results

Mesa Springs
1/7/10: Proposal for 47-acre project submitted to city; Mesa Springs association meeting set
1/14/10: Mesa Springs residents grapple with MVS proposal
2/11/10: Neighbors get input on 47-acre development
4/8/10: City wraps up final CDBG project in Mesa Springs NSA

2/11/10: Home-grown soldier fighting back from Iraq mortar wounds
7/8/10: Micci continues recovery from Iraq mortar wounds

Miscellaneous News
3/25/10: Don't you and Fido leave home without it
5/6/10: Volunteer tutors 14 and older sought for Literacy Center
6/10/10: Pioneer to publish again June 24
10/7/10: Where's Goldilocks?
12/23/10: Westside Stories of the Year: Community Center restart tops 2010 list

No Man's Land
8/19/10: 2-lane Colorado Ave. through No Man's Land? In federal grant request, engineers see scaled-back roadway to make room for sidewalks, bike lanes
11/4/10: No Man's Land loses out again on grant

Norris-Penrose Events Center
6/24/10: Ride for the Brand part of 'Heritage Days'
7/8/10: 70th Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo July 14-17
8/12/10: Dog 'Romp' Aug. 14 at Norris-Penrose

2/11/10: In memoriam: Ronald R. Smith
2/18/10: Remembering Jay Flater, the soil man
6/3/10: Obituary: C. Harry Blunt Jr.
9/16/10: In Memoriam: Tom Dooley, artist/gallery owner
9/23/10: In Memoriam: Louise Sherbak
9/30/10: In Memoriam: Bertha Stevenson
10/21/10: In Memoriam: 'Skip' Sherbak
12/2/10: McPherson passes, leaves half century of service as pastor
12/9/10: Famous ArtSports circus star dies in fall

Old Colorado City
1/7/10: Ice on the Avenue back in OCC for 2nd year
1/21/10: Ice is nice
1/21/10: OCCA estimates crowd of 19,000 for 2-day ice event
3/18/10: Egg Hunt, Charity Fair at Bancroft Mar. 27
3/25/10: 1st OCC Art Walk of the season April 2
4/1/10: Not just another egg run
6/3/10: Donations aid Paint the Town Blue
6/24/10: Bancroft blues series to start July 1
6/24/10: Volunteers adopt Prospector 'entryway'
7/8/10: Blues at Bancroft starts 5th year
7/15/10: Old Town Showdown in 2nd year
7/22/10: Old Town Showdown band schedule
7/29/10: 'Showdown' doubles its fun
8/5/10: Annual Car Show in Old Town Aug. 15
8/19/10: 376 vehicles, 5,000 people at annual Car Show
8/19/10: Sock Hop popular in night before Car Show
8/26/10: Art Walk in Old Town Sept. 3
8/26/10: Cooperation emerges in rival OCC groups on Scarecrow plans
9/2/10: Baalman BBQ paintings set for Art Walk
9/16/10: Scarecrows appearing in Old Town
9/23/10: Giant pumpkins in 6th annual Old Colorado City visit Oct. 2
10/7/10: Over 1,000 (pounds and people)
10/7/10: Scarecrow Days continuing in Old Town through October
10/21/10: Not easy to cut back on Old Town's 'Safe Treats'
10/28/10: Galleries planning First Friday Art Walk in Old Colorado City Nov. 5
11/4/10: Halloween 'Safe Treats' packs Old Colorado City
11/11/10: Shopkeeper says economy reason for Safe Treats' closed doors
11/24/10: Christmas lights shining in Old Town; free visits to Santa in Bancroft cabin start Nov. 26
11/24/10: Last Old Colorado City 2010 Art Walk is Dec. 3
12/2/10: OCCA and HDM - Dec. 11 events coincide
3/18/10: Ore-cart news box proposed for Old Town
7/29/10: One box to hold them all, one box to find them (newspapers)
   Old Colorado City Associates
4/29/10: Wick takes over as OCCA president
11/11/10: Christmas Unlimited beneficiary in OCCA holiday plans
   Old Colorado City Security and Maintenance District
12/16/10: Going, but not forgotten: Term-limit rules take Kasten off OCC Security & Maintenance District Committee... at least for now

Old Colorado City Historical Society
1/7/10: 'Westside Celebrates' - new gathering for locals Jan. 10
1/7/10: Celebrating the 'best side'
1/14/10: Hughes tells Old Town's story: Former Colorado City downtown hit hard times before late '70s 'rebirth'
1/14/10: Westside celebrates itself in History Center event
2/4/10: McFarland to discuss railroad dining Feb. 12
2/18/10: McFarland talks about dining on the Midland
3/25/10: History Center to host Design Guidelines presentation
3/25/10: Pedaling down memory lane: History Center hosts Crandall-Gravestock talk on bicycles of yesteryear
4/1/10: Bock-era Red Rock resident to speak at History Center
4/15/10: New Red Rock Canyon book full of history, geology
4/22/10: Teasing palates with historic teas May 8-9
5/6/10: Modern technology plugs OCCHS into past
6/3/10: Follow-up: Luck part of Schmidt connection
6/3/10: McDonald named OCCHS president
7/1/10: $ better than 'fair' for new OCCHS event
7/1/10: OCCHS Tuesday series kicks off with ice cream July 6
7/8/10: History Center lecture series starts July 13
8/5/10: Founders' Day: On to the year after the 150th
8/5/10: Memories of Old Town's Peerless printer
8/12/10: New family info, photo of John G. Bock
8/19/10: 3 new characters in Historical Society's Cemetery Crawl Aug. 29
8/19/10: Old Town begins next 150 years
9/2/10: 13 becomes lucky number for OCCHS' Cemetery Crawl
9/2/10: Stansfield to talk on 'Doctor at Timberline' Sept. 10
9/2/10: Weekly OCCHS 'art fair' to end after Sept. 11
9/16/10: Telling the frontier doctor's stories
12/2/10: History Center no B&B, but now it has a parlor
12/9/10: Improved Fosdick Plat comes to OCCHS

OWN (The Organization of Westside Neighbors)
1/7/10: Westside's CDBG funds in good shape
1/14/10: Homeless info, board election Jan. 28 at OWN meeting
1/21/10: 3 meetings to unveil 'Design Guidelines'
1/21/10: 'Historical Context' in Guidelines
1/28/10: Book to guide historic exterior upgrades
2/4/10: After annual election, OWN has 9 members on board again
2/18/10: Clark to serve 5th year as OWN president
7/29/10: Grill's on for OWN's annual picnic at Bancroft Park Aug. 1
8/5/10: Neighbors enjoy annual Bancroft picnic
10/21/10: OWN: Spirit Awards, Highway 24 talk Oct. 28
11/4/10: Gold Hill Mesa, Roundhouse, Coke plant projects honored
12/16/10: OWN looking at options on overlay

1/7/10: 50 years later, Ellis joins AdAmAn a second time for hike up Pikes Peak
4/29/10: 2 years later: Lily still getting her life back
7/22/10: Former Henri's owner celebrates 100th
11/24/10: "Goat Cheese Lady" - but it wasn't always so: Lindsey Aparacio and her family started learning about farming based on yearning for self-reliance

1/28/10: Case solved by bottle that broke on employee's head
2/11/10: Life-long dream for new top cop
3/11/10: Firefighters again called to hills above Bristol
3/11/10: Flames above Bristol
4/29/10: Fire Department scrambles as number of positions shrinks
5/20/10: Meeting to mull service cuts
5/27/10: Budget-battered Police, Fire keep eyes on sales tax returns
8/5/10: Renewed interest in PD's Gold Hill CAC
8/26/10: Cemetery Watch effort includes Fairview
9/30/10: Spilled tar after accident ties up westbound Hwy 24
10/14/10: 'Dangerous' decree for avenue building damaged in 2008 fire; demolition looms
10/14/10: Injured in I-25 escape attempt
11/24/10: 2010 Coronado graduate murdered
12/23/10: Undaunted by high winds, firefighters nip blazes in tree, chip pile

1/14/10: Cullen, small-business owner, announces as Republican challenger for House District 18
3/11/10: Political caucuses March 16
5/13/10: Republican Cullen vs. Democrat Lee: Race is on in Statehouse District 18
5/13/10: Westside 1 of 4 McInnis stops in Springs visit
6/24/10: Hill challenges Morse in State Senate District 11
11/4/10: Lee extends Democrats' hold on D-18 Statehouse seat

Post Office
9/30/10: Public postal parking plea... a post-mortem
10/7/10: Heads up! Postal fence frees up a parking space
12/23/10: Postal workers collect, then distribute items to help families in Express Inn's annex program

Red Rock Canyon
1/7/10: Continuous Red Rock trucks bringing landfill cap material
2/25/10: Money-strapped city needs Friends (of Red Rock)
6/24/10: Red Rock book-signing June 26
8/12/10: Dirt work to increase the amount of air
9/2/10: New, scenic trail to be built at Red Rock Canyon
9/23/10: New Codell Trail adds to Red Rock Canyon's interpretive offerings

Rock Ledge Ranch
2/4/10: Preliminary calendar lists Rock Ledge events for 2010
2/4/10: Rock Ledge Ranch staying open in 2010
2/11/10: After initial confusion with $, city OK with Rock Ledge opening plan
3/11/10: Rock Ledge especially needs docents this year
4/1/10: Controversy as Parks Department closes long-time preschool at Rock Ledge Ranch
4/29/10: Rock Ledge retains some free space at center
5/20/10: Auction, Pyle concert to help Rock Ledge
5/27/10: Fundraising concert, auction propel Rock Ledge into summer season
6/24/10: New city donation website includes Rock Ledge option
7/1/10: Family Fourth at Rock Ledge Ranch
7/8/10: Ranch's 'Family 4th' fetes patriotism, bolsters LHA membership
7/15/10: Rock Ledge Ranch 'Fiddles' festival again attracts 'Rockygrass' champion: Fundraiser supporters would just like to get a break on the weather this year
7/22/10: Bands listed for Fiddles, Vittles & Vino July 25 at Rock Ledge from 2 to 8 p.m.
7/22/10: Rock Ledge hosts return of Shakespeare in the Park
7/29/10: Rock Ledge 'Fiddles' hits financial high notes
8/5/10: Readying for the Bard
8/19/10: 2nd annual EcoFestival at Rock Ledge Aug. 28
8/26/10: Liberty Bus added to EcoFest features
8/26/10: Powwow returns after 32 years: Event planned Sept. 25 at Rock Ledge Ranch
9/2/10: 800 at EcoFestival help raise money for Rock Ledge
9/2/10: Clean-living Sluggers face 'reprobates' in vintage baseball
9/9/10: Camp Creek nine outslug All-Stars in Labor Day set-to
9/9/10: Playing it cool
9/9/10: Spotlight on rescued llama at 32nd Folk Art Festival
9/23/10: Celebrity llama helps festival gate
9/23/10: 'Moccasin telegraph' spreading word for Sept. 25 Rock Ledge powwow
9/30/10: Harvest Day free at ranch Oct. 2
9/30/10: Powwow attendance exceeds expectations; multi-day event mulled for 2011
10/14/10: Rock Ledge LHA to fight City Hall: Volunteer friends group dismayed at $0 for ranch in preliminary city budget
11/11/10: Council ready to give $88K to help Rock Ledge Ranch
12/2/10: Jody Adams concert to raise $ for Rock Ledge
12/16/10: Fired up for Rock Ledge

1/7/10: Additions solve space problems
1/21/10: Open houses for Howbert, Jackson additions
2/4/10: Things looking up for educational league
3/4/10: Pike building picked to house 'twice exceptional' charter school
5/13/10: Schools get set to move kids forward
8/12/10: Schools' normal hours listed
8/12/10: Westside CSAPs: Only one score in 90s this year
8/12/10: Westside schools to reopen Aug. 18: Second year since District 11 consolidation
8/26/10: New District 11 Westside educators listed
10/7/10: Applied tech pulls students out of their Facebooks
11/24/10: Busy schedule of seasonal school shows
12/16/10: Putting their best feet (and arms) forward
   Academy for Advanced & Creative Learning
6/10/10: New D-11 school for gifted students getting unjumbled inside Pike building
8/5/10: Have you checked those 47 other boxes? Sorting wide range of materials keeps new Westside charter busy
9/23/10: Overnight 'Read-a-Thon' at Academy charter school
   Bijou School
4/29/10: Bijou School founder/principal to step down after this year
5/27/10: Two from Bijou: Pearson, Mathis had own reasons for choosing to graduate from Westside alternative high school
7/15/10: Long-time Bijou School counselor Presnal named principal
9/9/10: Bijou School seeks enrollees, holds open house, hires art teacher
   Bristol Elementary
8/26/10: New black-and-white for Bristol
10/14/10: Bikes in May for Bristol Elementary 5th-graders who follow goals
11/24/10: Bijou School holds annual Thanksgiving get-together
12/9/10: Bristol Elementary choir goes on stage with the Judds
   Buena Vista Elementary
5/6/10: At last a garden grows for BV students
9/9/10: Buena Vista students, staff enjoy harvest
   CSEC (Colorado Springs Early Colleges)
6/10/10: Early Colleges high school gets proactive about making students computer-savvy
   Coronado High School
1/7/10: Coronado orientation Jan. 14
1/14/10: Trumpets lead way for Coronado All-Staters Band
1/21/10: 7 from Coronado named to All-State Choir
2/4/10: 5 from CHS orchestra selected All-State
2/4/10: Food fight? CHS in Care & Share event
2/18/10: Humphrey to step down at Coronado; naming of new principal set for April
2/25/10: CHS robot going to Kansas City
3/4/10: Coronado parade tab less than feared: $1,200 in donations so far also help out, but $1,800 still needed as students plan fundraisers
3/4/10: 'Snow Angel' March 10-11 at Coronado
3/11/10: Sandoval to step down as Coronado AP
3/18/10: Return of wood shop at Coronado
4/1/10: Coronado principal chosen from within: David Engstrom 'happy, honored and humbled'; he'd served on Humphrey's staff for past 5 years
4/8/10: Coronado Robotics gains 3 awards
4/15/10: Coronado wrestlers nearly triumphant at state
4/22/10: Crystal Apple: Urban shares love of Latin American culture
4/22/10: New foundation named for CHS baseball benefactor
5/6/10: Coronado students interview Holocaust survivor
5/13/10: $900 to go in parade fund drive
5/20/10: Same perfect marks, different goals for top Coronado scholars
5/27/10: Coronado High's Travvis Scott tops own school record for 2nd state high jump title
5/27/10: 'Time' is finally right for CHS Class of '08
6/10/10: Coronado's 2010 seniors' scholarships, honors listed
6/10/10: Coronado teacher/alumnus Darin Smith becomes assistant principal
6/24/10: Coronado's 2010 seniors' scholarships, honors listed
7/15/10: 'Rogers Field' preserves memory of Coronado's biggest baseball backer
8/12/10: Fundraiser for girls softball field improvements Aug. 14
9/9/10: Parade is officially on for Coronado
9/16/10: 6 from Coronado among 'Mayor's 100 Teens'
10/7/10: Costs covered, 40th Coronado parade set to walk and roll through Old Town
10/7/10: Hughes selected annual 'Westside Recipient' for CHS Homecoming
10/21/10: Coronado hosts 2nd annual Jazz Festival Oct. 26
10/21/10: Parade fires up 40th annual Coronado Homecoming
11/18/10: 'Little Shop' at CHS
   Holmes Middle School
4/29/10: Mystery shrouds illness at Holmes
5/6/10: New Trailblazer 6th grade seen as plus for Holmes
12/9/10: Holmes wrestlers win city title
   Howbert Elementary School
2/4/10: Howbert celebrates new addition with open house
4/29/10: About to get knocked off their pins
   Jackson Elementary School
12/9/10: Shivering their timbers
   Midland Elementary
3/4/10: The Mulberry Street beat
4/29/10: It took a while, but... Crystal Apple teacher finally enjoys school
7/29/10: New principal at Midland understands 'international'
11/18/10: Families share IB experience at Midland
12/2/10: Season of song starts
   West Middle School
1/28/10: Filling the gym with music... and people
2/11/10: 'I'm from West' - carnival reveals developing identity
2/25/10: The lighter side of gravity
3/11/10: West eighth-grader earns national volunteering honor
4/15/10: 'Apple' for teacher at West Middle
4/22/10: Bullies no-shows in schools' 1st paired year: Martinez, Gomez plan for increased K-8 coordination next year at Wests
6/24/10: 'Westies' (West Junior High Class of '54) invited to join picnic at Thorndale July 31
7/22/10: Stories about the 'Westies': Two vignettes about life at West Junior High School, circa 1954
8/26/10: Attention: Last West class to Palmer
   West Elementary
8/12/10: Traffic, time fixes at West Elementary
10/14/10: Even boards are 'smart' at West Elementary
10/14/10: Hands up
11/4/10: CSAP impact for West School
11/11/10: West Elementary School takes field trip into the past
   Whittier Elementary
5/6/10: Whittier gathering part of 60-year CSHS reunion
8/19/10: Sept. 10 reunion for Whittier's Class of '44
9/16/10: Whittier alumni recall school of late 30s, early '40s

3/25/10: Better the trees than the roads
5/13/10: Blossom memories

Section 16
9/16/10: Sec. 16 purchase plan to council Sept. 28
9/30/10: City Council OKs Sec. 16 purchase: Approval from State Land Board commissioners still needed to finalize deal on 640- acre parcel
10/14/10: State Land Board approves Section 16 plan
12/9/10: Open-space purchase of Section 16 finalized

Silver Key
9/30/10: 4 Silver Key projects in annual Make a Difference Month
11/24/10: Silver Key gifts, volunteer visits bring holiday cheer to seniors living at home

4/1/10: ArtSports' Chiacchia tumbles to 1st in Pan American 13-14
9/2/10: ArtSports gymnasts back at Worlds
11/11/10: Gymnasts head to France for Worlds
11/24/10: ArtSports' Chiacchia medals at Worlds

Territory Days
1/7/10: Pro Promotions to run 2010 Territory Days
3/11/10: T-Days: No public meeting this year; question about special motorcycle parking
5/20/10: In quest of fewer cars: 'Plan B' shuttle lot among strategies for 2010 Territory Days
5/20/10: New 'Junction' adds history to T-Days
5/27/10: 35th annual Territory Days
5/27/10: Territory Days in OCC May 29-31
6/3/10: Junction 'OK' in first year
6/3/10: Problems minimal at 'massive' T-Days rritory Days: 3-day crowd estimated at more than 150,000
6/3/10: Similarities seen in festival, County Fair

Traffic Calming
1/21/10: Calming not coming: Financially strapped city ends program, leaving 2 Westside streets without long-promised traffic-slowing upgrades
1/21/10: Holland Park Blvd. now thin in places
1/21/10: Some calming projects completed since '05

Trails and Open Space
1/7/10: Lieber on Midland Trail: 'I believe this will be the year'
5/20/10: Departing director of TOPS will still volunteer
7/1/10: Midland Trail work seen after summer
9/30/10: Midland Trail section to be built from Columbia Rd. to Beckers Ln.
10/21/10: Shorter right field kicks off trail project
10/28/10: Clarification
11/18/10: Goats find new Westside munching locations
11/24/10: Palmer Land Trust announces success on Sec. 16 easement

1/7/10: 3-month suspension for city's RTA projects 1/7/10: Trimmed transit seeks volunteers, new ideas
1/14/10: 31st & Colorado last stop in Route 3 upgrade project
3/4/10: Traffic signal goes in at 29th and Colorado
3/11/10: Neighbors' inputs sought in Fillmore study
3/11/10: Thank you, one less alignment
3/25/10: 2nd try for Hwy 24/21st project
3/25/10: Route 14 slated for upgrades at or near bus stops
4/22/10: Colorado Avenue bridge maintenance to affect traffic
4/29/10: Bridge project to continue into May
5/13/10: Political overtones to transportation $ affecting Westside
6/24/10: Traffic feels pinch as 21st/24 project begins
7/8/10: Streetcars back in Westside's future: Downtown lines to go in first, with 2031-2035 time frame seen for Colorado Avenue corridor
7/15/10: 21st/24 safety work shifts from highway
7/15/10: Resurfacing work planned at 10 Westside locations
7/22/10: Chipseal at its best
7/29/10: Fillmore plans focus on Chestnut
8/5/10: Proposed area transportation list for years 2010-2017 missing 2 key interchanges
8/5/10: Q/A with on 21st/Hwy 24 project engineer
8/26/10: City cleans up medians; Camp Creek to be mowed
9/2/10: Restriping to help with new 21st Street merge
9/16/10: Fillmore St. traffic survey goes on-line
9/16/10: Long-range plan effort gives region a chance to rate transportation priorities
9/23/10: CDBG sidewalk project about to start on Manitou Blvd.
9/23/10: Walnut/Bijou safety questions draw responses from city
9/30/10: No more Westside sidewalks for Sides
10/7/10: Hwy 24 weeds: 'What you see is how they're going to be'
11/4/10: Likely South 21st Street project finish in December
11/18/10: Left turns only in 26th Street safety project
12/2/10: Christmas Eve completion seen for 21st Street project
12/2/10: NB 31st about to reopen through Pleasant Valley
12/9/10: $4.2 million for Cimarron/I-25 right of way
12/9/10: Public forum Dec. 15 on proposed Fillmore fix
12/16/10: Looking at the plans

2/4/10: Utilities replacing sewer main lines in project off Ridge Road & Hwy 24
2/11/10: Service cut off, Uintah closed in line break Feb. 9
4/22/10: Aging utility lines being replaced around Westside
5/20/10: Uitilies works to improve fire flow in 2 cul-de-sacs
9/9/10: New water lines the plan for torn-up 21st
10/14/10: Utilities projects upgrading Westside lines
10/28/10: Closures of northbound 31st Street to start Nov. 1 for Utilities sewer project
10/28/10: Duration time to be longer than announced for 21st St. work
11/4/10: Project gets started
11/24/10: Pipe-bursting work 8 feet below ground on S. 21st

1/28/10: Creek work: Water begins flowing in new channel
4/15/10: Restoration complete on Fountain Creek north of former mill
5/20/10: Follow-up: Fountain Creek better than it looks
9/9/10: Father's Day wish list?

Westside Center
1/7/10: Push begins for Westside Center
1/7/10: Westside Center brochure won't be mailed
1/14/10: Other than garden, Westside Center's future still unclear: Ideas sought as Mar. 31 deadline looms
1/28/10: Hughes starts fund for Westside Center
2/4/10: Just $138,500 left to go in Westside Center fundraising
2/11/10: Butcher: $140K still target for Westside Center
2/18/10: New task force aids fundraising for Westside and other community centers, but still long way to go
3/4/10: Church submits plan for Westside Center
3/4/10: Prep work almost done at 2 gardens
3/11/10: Dunk a councilman for a good cause: Gallagher, Paige taking turns in tank to raise money for centers at first-time Sunflower Festival
3/18/10: 'Meeting of all meetings' to seal centers' fates
3/25/10: LLC on verge of running center
3/25/10: Rumor mill active as city keeps lid on Westside RFP
4/8/10: Westside Center stays open; RFP negotiations continue with church
4/15/10: New home for CARES pantry: Move April 17 also begins collaboration at LLC's Westside Center
4/15/10: Westside Center garden put on hold until 2011
4/22/10: Help in moving pantry, spiffing center: Smooth transition reported for emergency-food facility
4/29/10: Council finally gets the news: Briefing presented on Westside Center plans
5/13/10: Announced West Center 'roundup' postponed to June 26
5/27/10: Donor boosts Westside Center reading program
6/3/10: New full-time summer teen program at West Center
6/10/10: Center 'Roundup' June 26
6/24/10: Makes a boy feel tall
7/1/10: Honor for Hughes
7/1/10: New twice-weekly program offered at West Center for middle-schoolers
7/1/10: 'Roundup' attracts 130-plus: West Center gym named for civic leader Hughes
7/29/10: Westside Center expands after-school offerings - including elementary bus
8/26/10: Woodmen sets fall schedule for Westside Community Center; includes Friday 'Family and Friends' nights
9/16/10: List of 'uses' for Westside center property
9/16/10: New zone & plan define present, future uses at center
9/16/10: Pleasing response to center's fall schedule
9/23/10: Ping-pong tables rolled out 3 times a week at center
10/7/10: Workdays, craft show at Westside Center
10/14/10: Community Center garden plans form at last minute
10/21/10: Presto! Garden appears in 3 hours at Westside Center