Opposes council’s solar subsidy push
       I agree completely with the Westside Pioneer's Feb. 28 Editor's Desk column, “Has anybody seen that elephant?” The question that Colorado Springs Utilities ratepayers should be asking their city City Council-members is: Why the rush to ram through a questionable plan to boost the solar industry at the expense of CSU's customers? As was pointed out, there is no mandate, federal or otherwise, to boost CSU's use of solar panels at this time. In my view, our electric utility company should not be used as a laboratory for unsound economic or social policies. When councilmember Jan Martin says she is OK with rates going up a half percent (more for commercial users), we should ask her and others who support this ill-advised plan to help pay our individual bills each month for the next 20 years. I urge all citizens to call or e-mail your councilmembers to stop this scheme to boost the solar industry at our expense.

Jim Bensberg