No Goodwill, so meeting on OCC future settles for talk

       A forum on the future of Old Colorado City offered numerous ideas but no results Oct. 22 when a key invited participant - Discover Goodwill - did not send a representative.
       The intent of the meeting, set up by the Organization of Westside Neighbors (OWN), was to have a public discussion involving Goodwill, Old Colorado City leaders, potential developers, City Land Use Review and the public.
       About 50 people attended.
       Goodwill, which owns most of the south side of the 2300 block of West Colorado Avenue, was invited because of the situation last summer when the nonprofit nearly sold the site - which it uses for donations/ processing - to Kum & Go to build a convenience store/ gas station.
       Before the Oct. 22 meeting, a Goodwill representative had told the Westside Pioneer that in the wake of Kum & Go, it is reconsidering selling the block at all and may want to keep using it for its own needs.
       After the meeting, OWN President Welling Clark said he still wants to move forward on an overall effort to preserve the quality of life regarding future redevelopment in Old Colorado City and the Westside. As part of the “path forward,” he said in an e-mail, “I have asked the OCC merchants, OCC property owners, and resident representatives to meet and discuss the possibility of working on an addendum/update to the Westside Plan [a 1980 city ordinance] specifically aimed at the OCC area.”
       He listed ideas/issues that have come forward, including an entrance archway for Old Colorado City, land-use review nurturing OCC's western heritage, “high walkability,” diverse businesses, slower traffic, code enforcement and concerns about transients and drug houses.

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