Big changes for Route 3 bus stops through Westside

       People will be getting on and off buses in some different places on Mountain Metro Transit's Route 3 through the Westside starting Sunday, Sept. 8.

A notice at Mountain Metro's current Route 3 bus stop on Colorado Avenue at Colbrunn Court tells riders the stop will be removed and where to catch a bus elsewhere. The actual change date is Sept. 8 The flowers are tended by the Old Colorado City Maintenance District.
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       The route runs along Colorado/Manitou Avenue between the downtown and Manitou, with 34 stops currently each way.
       All the changes will be on stops west of I-25 and east of Manitou.
       Of the 20 current stops in that segment outbound, five will be eliminated and three others moved. In the same segment inbound (with the same current number of stops), there will be five removals and one relocation.
       Route 3 is one of four city routes serving as test cases for a new “standardization” effort, Mountain Metro officials have previously explained.
       The strategy is to put stops at more consistent distances apart (around 1,300 feet). This led to Route 3 stop removals because some of the old stops were closer together.
       Some of the final changes are different from what was proposed before public meetings last June. These were a result of “customer comments, safety evaluations and operational decisions,” said Vicki McCann, public relations supervisor for the city-owned bus company.
       Stops to be relocated have been identified on buses and marked with signs at the stops, she said. Also, the new routes are posted on the Mountain Metro website:
       Here are the final Route 3 removals/relocations:
       Chestnut Street (remove), 11th Street (remove), 13th Street (relocate to 12th Street), Colbrunn Court (remove), 26th Street (relocate to 25th Street, midblock), 31st Street (remove one stop and relocate the other, leaving one stop on the west side of Colorado and 31st) and Columbia Road (remove).
       Columbia Road (remove), 31st Street (remove), 26th Street (remove), 16th Street (remove), 13th Street (remove), 11th Street (relocate to 12th Street).

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