New teachers at Westside public schools

       The following lists the new educational staff at each District 11 school on the Westside.

       Bristol: Jeff Senters, kindergarten; Janae Langreck, grades 3-4 (combination class); Tracy Borst, fourth grade; Vickie Darpino, vocal music; Marilyn Fife, English Language Learning (ELL).
       Buena Vista Montessori: Jill Doyle, Lower Elementary (ages 6-9).
       Howbert: Molly Royal, preschool; Sarah Aley, second grade; Danna Lee Oden and Lindsey Walsh, third grade; Michelle Cramer, fifth grade. NOTES: Royal attended Howbert as a child; also, her mother, Nancy George, taught at Howbert… Cramer's husband Jeremy is the principal at Midland Elementary.
       Jackson: Julie Faucett, preschool; Taryn Wynkoop, kindergarten; Jennifer Bradley-Farmer, first grade; Camla Schultz, first grade; Jennifer Johns, first grade; Jeannette Ingram, grades 3-4 (combined class); Liz Blanco, fourth grade; Katie White, fourth grade; Elaina Richardson, fifth grade.
       Midland: Michelle Wenger, first grade; Ingrid Williams, fifth grade; Tony Morris, physical education. NOTE: Jessica Zimmerman, formerly kindergarten teacher, now teaches first grade.
       West: Katie Bauer, first grade; Kathryn Evans, fourth grade.
       Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning (charter school) : Rene McElhany, Division 3 (grades 3-4); Christel Mayo, Division 4 (grades 5-6); Eliza Love, Division 3; Ian Hanson, Lisa Kratz and Hannah Smith, Division 4-5 (co-teachers); Sarah Dahlberg, special education; Cayla Schreibman, instructional support.

       Holmes: Karla Chappel, seventh grade; Christina Rochelle, sixth grade; Laura Gregory, eighth grade (all teach language arts and social studies).
       West: Cathy Hanson, seventh grade math; Randa Crutcher, eighth grade math; Renee Mayer, grade 7-8 special education; Sashi Ward, office assistant.

       Coronado: Cindy Brandt: business/video production; Suzanne Rome, orchestra; Kathy Cochran, Lori Pollock and Paul Kaufer, math; Wendy Foos, art; Annette Roush, Spanish; Patty Donovan, English; Myra Cobb, registrar; DJ Rogan and Kenneth Wales, ESP educational assistants; Brian Ratterree, campus security.

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