Public can offer name ideas for for new VA clinic

       U.S. Senator Mark Udall and House Representative Doug Lamborn of Colorado have launched a committee charged with recommending a name for the new Community Based Outpatient Clinic being built on Centennial Boulevard off Fillmore Street.
       The committee, comprised of nine community leaders and veteran advocates from the Pikes Peak region, will solicit suggestions from the public, with a “special emphasis on veterans' organizations,” a press release states.
       The project is due for completion in 2014.
       The release also state the requirements of anyone nominated. They must be deceased and at least one of the following:
  • A recipient of the Medal of Honor or who performed military service “of an extraordinarily distinguished character.”
  • A member of Congress associated with the facility.
  • A veteran instrumental in the facility's construction.
  • A top military or civilian official in a service branch, the U.S. Defense Department or U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs;
  • Someone who has performed outstanding service for veterans.
           Submissions must be returned to the committee by June 30. The committee will then submit a recommendation to Udall and Lamborn to draft into legislation for approval in early 2014, the release states.
           For more information, Udall's office phone is 303-291-5482; Lamborn's is 202-841-2653.

    From a press release