Fire preparedness stressed at city-wide meeting

       About 200 people attended a meeting Jan. 15 in the Cheyenne Mountain High auditorium that offered a look back at last summer's Waldo Canyon Fire and a look ahead at being ready if a wildland blaze like that strikes again.
       Although there was some humor, Fire Department Battalion Chief Steve Dubay set the tone for the evening by saying he was “dedicating the evening and previous efforts” in memory of Barbara and William Everett, who died in the fire, on the day it also destroyed 346 homes.
       Much of the Westside is near what's called the “wildland urban interface,” which encompasses nearly 100,000 people, or a fourth of the city in all.
       In that area, 86 homeowner groups are being contacted for information and free opportunities for trimmed brush and trees to be taken and put through a Fire Department chipper, said Christina Randall, CSFD's wildfire mitigation administrator.
       Another meeting was announced for March 5, with more details to come.

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