New project on Fillmore: Springs Utilities begins trenching for water line down hill

       Now there are two major projects on Fillmore Street west of I-25.

Fillmore Street projects... LEFT: Colorado Springs Utilities works in the westbound lanes west of Centennial Boulevard Sept. 24.
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       Along with the continuing Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) Fillmore/ Chestnut upgrade that broke ground near the interstate almost a year ago (see Page 3), Colorado Springs Utilities this week started trenching about a half-mile up the hill, west of Centennial Boulevard near the King Soopers.
       According to Utilities spokesperson Steve Berry, the work will last several weeks, “possibly into late November,” to allow the installation of a 24-inch-wide raw water line under the north (westbound) side of the four-lane road. The result will be a “great deal of construction activity, and we're work-space limited due to our desire to keep some lanes of traffic open at all times,” he said.
       The line installation will go east, down Fillmore Hill to the upper end of the Fillmore/Chestnut work area. At that point, the line will connect with one installed under Fillmore as part of the RTA project, according to Berry and site superintendent Leif Neufeld of the project contractor, Blue Ridge Construction.
       Berry described the water line work as “phase 1 [of] drought mitigation” efforts, connecting the Pikeview Reservoir (near I-25 and Garden of the Gods Road) to Utilities' Mesa Water Treatment Plant (off Mesa Road and Fillmore).
       “When complete next spring, the $8 million project will enable us to maximize our water rights in Monument Creek, delivering an additional eight million gallons of water a day to our treatment plant, and further insulate customers from existing and future droughts,” he said.
       Berry added that Utilities is coordinating with the city and RTA on traffic impacts and “we do not expect to disturb newly repaved asphalt on Fillmore.”

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