Tale of two signals
Colbrunn Court crossing to be eliminated

       The city has begun design plans for the removal of the pedestrian light across Colorado Avenue at Colbrunn Court.

A view from the northwest corner of the Colorado/Colbrunn T-intersection shows one of the avenue crosswalks, the pedestrian stoplight and the south-side businesses between Colbrunn and 24th Street.
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       The effort follows a recommendation by the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District Advisory Committee, although City Transportation Manager Kathleen Krager already perceived the light as “sort of a weird one that interrupts traffic and doesn't need to,” she said this week.
       One part of the design, she said, will be for a “decorative fence” to cut off the current mid-2400-block crosswalks, going from the south side of Colorado to the northeast and northwest corners of Colbrunn's T-intersection with the avenue. Krager also pointed out a need to redo the handicapped ramps across Colbrunn.
       She elaborated that once her office has a design, she'll meet with any local entities wanting to provide feedback.
       The city-appointed committee, which advises the city on Old Colorado City public improvements, voted for the change late last summer.
       The removal plan is related to the city having installed a stoplight at 24th Street last May. Past committee discussion has focused on what to do if that light went in, because of a concern that it would mean one too many along that stretch of the avenue. The usual candidates for removal have been Colbrunn or the pedestrian light in the mid-2300 block in front of Goodwill.
       Krager said this week she plans to keep the Goodwill light for now. (See story, Page 1.)
       The Maintenance District committee's recommendation resulted from a shopper-travel concern brought to their attention by long-time Old Colorado City business owner Kathy Read
       Asked about it this week, Read said she thinks the Colbrunn light hurts business for the stores (including hers) that are on the south side of the avenue between the crosswalk and 24th Street. Her observations (supported by Advisory Committee Chair Jim Heikes) are that shoppers walking east on the south side of the avenue from 25th Street see Bancroft Park across the way and a convenient, button-activated pedestrian crossing light at Colbrunn, and as a result assume that's the end of Old Colorado City shopping and don't bother walking down to 24th.
       Before the 24th Street stoplight went in - fulfilling a many-years appeal from Old Colorado City property and business owners - crossing the avenue there had been a sometimes-dangerous proposition. Krager herself has said she was influenced by watching people crossing at 24th to and from Bancroft's summer- Saturdays Farmers Market.
       With that signal now in place, Read said she believes her requested removal makes sense from a safety standpoint.
       Heikes added that having lights at both Colbrunn and 24th creates “a double stop; we don't need that.”
       Other stoplights through Old Colorado City are at 25th, 26th and 27th streets.
       Krager said she thinks a design for the Colbrunn light removal could be ready for review sometime in January.

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