5 candidates vying to represent City Councilís District 1 race

       As in District 3 (featured in last week's Westside Pioneer) five candidates are vying for the City Council seat for District 1 in the April 2 election.
       They are Joe Barrera, Don Knight, Tim Leigh, Linda Mojer and Julie Naye.
       Only Leigh has held elected government office. His term as at-large councilmember is expiring.
       The Westside Pioneer asked each of the candidates to respond to a multipoint question and to provide some personal information.
       Their responses appear on Page 4-5. (Click here).
       D-1 covers the northwest part of the city. West of I-25, the boundary line (between it and D-3) chiefly follows Uintah Street and, west of 31st, the streets north of Colorado Avenue.

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