EDITOR’S DESK: Sleuthing through District 1

       When it comes to making City Council election choices, I don't suppose my approach is much different from anyone else's. First I look for “showstoppers” - any candidate statements or actions that I believe make them unsupportable. Sort of like the Sherlock Holmes detective method: Elimi-nate the impossible and whatever remains, even if it seems unlikely, will be the right call.
       That brings us to District 1 council. For this edition of the Pioneer, we asked the same question of each candidate. Part of the intent was to let them display how they think; another part was to see what they know about certain Westside issues. Note: I also attended the candidate forum downtown last week that put a focus on District 1.
       One caveat going in: I've found all the candidates to be likeable people. However...
       Joe Barrera - Statements at the forum revealed too much readiness to solve problems with taxes; also nanny-state tendencies on such issues as diversity, cityscapes and green technology.
       Tim Leigh - Like a gunslinger, shooting from the hip. Wants public input on solar subsidies, didn't want it on sharrows. Running for a district seat but doesn't believe in district councilmembers. And his compulsion to run the Centennial extension down Van Buren? The City Transportation manager explained to him at a council meeting last year the city-wide extension need and the hardship of dumping so much traffic into that older neighborhood. But Leigh, whose house is on a hill to the west - so he'd have to see the road (not get any of its traffic, though) - has clearly decided this is one district-type issue he can get behind.
       Linda Mojer - Another district candidate who decided to use her Pioneer response to say why she does not believe in district advocacy. And her comments that she'll always "trust the experts"? I'm sorry, but that's like an excuse to be ignorant.
       Julie Naye - A newcomer to politics. Shaky on some issues. But willing to learn, and it's nice to see at least one candidate stand up for civil liberties.
       That brings us to Don Knight. Not fiery, not charismatic. But he is experienced and doggedly consistent in his economic vitality stance. So what do you say, Sherlock? Case closed?

- K.J.