People need to pick up after their dogs
       This is about the dog poop problem we have on the Westside of Colorado Springs. It's out of control and disgusting, not to mention illegal. We live on Pikes Peak Avenue, between West Middle School at 19th Street and the Montessori school on Limit Street, and it is fair to say that virtually every inch of the yards, parkways, sidewalks and even driveways are home to a pile or more of the stuff. We all walk there, children play there and it doesn't represent the Westside well at all.
       My husband and I have been dog owners all of our 17 married years, and no matter where we are we always pick up after our dogs, even if we've forgotten a bag and have to borrow from a neighbor or walk home to get one and walk back to the scene. It's not so hard. Stores sell these handy little poop bags that attach to leashes, or do as we do and use the plastic bags from our newspapers that are delivered each morning. Stick your hand in the empty bag, pick up the poop, pull the bag over your hand and voila! It's contained; the bag can be tied shut and taken home to your trash bin.
       I don't mind picking up after my own dog, it's part of dog ownership. But I don't know you or your dog and don't want to pick up after either of you. So do the right and legal thing and pick up your pet's waste. Show pride in our neighborhoods and the Westside.

Elizabeth Roberts