EDITORíS DESK: Historical Society in need; and the recall

       Now we find out that the August rains haven't just been wrecking Manitou Springs; they've been undercutting the very building that holds sensitive documents and artifacts from the Westside's colorful past.
       Suzanne Schorsch, the Old Colorado City Historical Society's treasurer, asked the Westside Pioneer to publicize their need. We have done so this issue, as can be seen by the story and photo on Page 1. So please, everybody, make us look good in the eyes of the society by giving them money and telling them you saw it in this newspaper. OK, just kidding on that last part. Trying to find a little levity in the situation. But in all seriousness, for those of you who may not know, the society is entirely volunteer - existing mainly on book sales and donations, with no paid staff and no money from any government. And that building they're in is definitely historic (built in 1889), which is appropriate, of course, but sometimes can be costly.
       Anyway, it's encouraging that a local business has offered to kick in $2,000 if the amount is matched by donations from others. If achieved, the resulting total of $4,000 won't eliminate all the History Center's flooding vulnerabilities, but it will definitely help. We've listed the society's phone number on Page 1; an e- mail address is info@occhs.org...
       This Senate District 11 recall is a tough issue. I have to confess to mixed feelings. I was appalled last year when Democrats in Wisconsin were trying to recall seemingly every state-office Republican, from the governor on down, for the "crime" of following through on budget-cutting measures they'd promised when they were elected. So it could be argued that Democrat State Senator John Morse is now in the same boat - facing a recall after fulfilling pledges he'd made to his supporters. The catch is that some of those pledges involved more than just a difference of opinion (such as election-day voter registration). Limiting gun rights strays into constitutional territory. Maybe you or I have never owned a gun, but haven't you ever looked at our ever-growing federal government and said thank God for the Bill of Rights? Altering such freedoms should occur only after an ardent attempt at consensus, not as a political opportunity there for the seizing. Yes, recall him.

- K.J.