Bob Willard, the lead developer for Gold Hill Mesa, has provided updated information on potential restitution resulting from court sentences of three implicated in the theft of a historic jail cell from the site last year.
       When the Westside Pioneer went to press for the article in its May 9 issue, a District Court judge had ordered restitution of about $8,000 to go to Gold Hill's insurance company. This was because the jail was insured for the amount the development had paid for it ($8,000), and the company had already given Gold Hill a $3,000 payout (because of its $5,000 deductible).
       But Willard has since talked to company representatives, saying he was told that “they [the company] will work with me to get restitution” [to equal the full $8,000]. To what extent that happens depends on payments over time into the restitution fund from the convicted thieves (whose sentences did not include jail time).
       In any case, Willard said he was pleased to hear he'll get a share of what comes in. “It looks like that part of it is going to be good news,” he said.
       The three - Jessica Ramsey, Charles McNew and Joshua Vaughan - were among five arrested after the rare 1890s jail cell was stolen and cut up, with the pieces being sold to a scrap yard.

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