Mixed reactions to Dec. 20 column
       WOW! In this day and age of propaganda and misinformation I am amazed at your ability to print something with clarity and intelligence… regularly!
       I LOVED your article on “arm a teacher” (Editor's Desk column, Dec. 20 Westside Pioneer). As a CCW holder since 2001, I am amazed at the media's complete lack of investigative journalism and their “sock puppet” mentality with toeing the government's line of “gun control.” I don't read the WSJ, the Denver Post or watch any of the news organizations because they are all mouthpieces of the state. (Some of us know where to go to get real news and information.)
       You are writing what all of us are thinking. What is truly sad is that we have no voice anymore. At least you are trying to present logic and the views of the majority. Too bad you are a small voice like mine.
       Again, many people think and feel like you do, we just don't have a way of expressing it. I personally want to thank you for your willingness to put onto paper what you think and not cater to the manipulation.

Jon Weir