‘Dream come true’ for new Yakitori Grill owner

       The Yakitori Grill at 2628 W. Colorado Ave. recently changed hands, but no major changes are planned, according to new owner Leo Weinman, other than efforts to “keep refining it and making it better.”
       He's had experience doing so, having worked at the independent Japanese restaurant for over half a year before taking over completely Jan. 1 from previous owners John and Thuy Griffith, who had owned the Yakitori Grill for about five years. Thuy, who had been particularly active with the business, decided to retire, Leo said.
       He is partnering with his wife Belinda, who is also the Wal-Mart meat department manager. Leo will be the most active at the restaurant, but she said she is pleased to be part of it because “it's something of our own that we'll have for the future.”
       Leo described having the store as “a dream come true.” Before that, he had worked for five years - most recently as manager - at the Yakitori 4 restaurant on South Nevada Avenue.
       His first experience in Old Colorado City was helping out at the 2012 Territory Days, an annual event at which the Yakitori Grill sells food items from a stand on the closed-off avenue. “I loved it,” Leo said. “It was a chance to meet people on the street.” After that, continuing his involvement with the restaurant, “one thing led to another,” he said, happily.
       The business is open daily for lunch and dinner, and a new offering is Sunday breakfast.
       The phone is 636-2120.

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