Westside Pioneer starting e-mail notification list for online readers in January

       For its first 10 years, people have known when the Westside Pioneer had “new news” because a fresh edition of the free newspaper appeared weekly at 80-some outlets or was received in the mail by subscribers.
       After the final printed issue Dec. 19, the publication will no longer be visible that way because it will be online only (starting Jan. 6, also free).
       But for those who want to keep up with the latest in Westside news, the Pioneer is starting an e-mail list to allow the broad announcement of significant articles after they are posted on the website: westsidepioneer.com.
       Such e-mails will be limited to once or twice a week, depending on what's happening, so as not to overload e-mail accounts.
       If you'd like to be put on that list, please let us know at editor@westsidepioneer.com.

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