In memoriam: Neil I. Luehring

       Services for long-time Westside resident Neil I. Luehring, who grew up at Glen Eyrie, attended West-side schools and worked 25 years for the City Fire Department, will be Friday, June 21 at 10 a.m. at the Shrine of Remembrance “America the Beautiful” Chapel, 1730 E. Fountain.

       Mr. Luehring was born March 3, 1927. He died June 17 after a lengthy illness.
       Also a U.S. Army veteran, he is survived by his wife Sharon; son Neil C.; three daughters, Shara, Susan and Stephanie; 12 grandchildren; and 25 great-grandchildren.
       His father and mother, Carl and Ethel, were caretakers for years at Glen Eyrie (originally the estate of Colorado Springs founder William Palmer).
       In an interview with the Westside Pioneer in 2005, Luehring talked about his life. “I rode horseback all over the front face of these hills and even the top of Rampart Range Road from Glen Eyrie,” he recalled. “Palmer had something like 75 miles of horseback trails cut up in these hills. Glen Eyrie used to extend clear up to the Woodmen Sanitarium at the time we lived out there and White House [Rock Ledge Ranch] was part of that, and all that was vacant when we were out there.”
       Bob Edgar, a life-long Westsider who'd been friends with Mr. Luehring since second grade at Whittier Elementary, said the last time he saw Neil was two days before he passed on. “He was lying there with his eyes closed,” Edgar related, “and I said, 'Come on, Neil, let's get on out of here,' and he pointed to his mouth because he couldn't talk. But he opened his eyes and gave me a little grin.”

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