City mulls alley closure 2 weeks after collapse

       Most of the alley north of Colorado between 26th and 27th streets has been closed off for safety reasons.
       The action by City Engineering followed the collapse of the alley wall into the back end of the Colorado City Creamery ice cream store parking lot at 26th and Colorado in early September (as reported in the Sept. 26 Westside Pioneer).
       The closure prevents through traffic, but allows local access to a residential parking space and dumpsters along the alley. The Creamery store and lot also remain open.
       No plans have been announced yet, by the city or the property owner (listed with a California address) for fixing the wall. Stuart King of Engineering said the city was reviewing the situation to see if further safety steps need to be taken. Creamery owner Carris Burris said she was waiting to hear from her landlord.
       One plus for the Creamery is that access to the business' dumpster is no longer blocked by timbers that fell on it in the collapse. Burris said she did not know who freed up the dumpster, just that it happened sometime in the past week.

Westside Pioneer/press release