What do you think about CSPD’s efforts to improve response?

       Colorado Springs Police Department officials have been trying to take actions to help the Westside, and now they'd like to know how citizens think they're doing.
       A survey is available, with responses requested by May 2.
       People can take the survey online at this website: https://s.zoomerang.com/s/CSPD_Survey_Westside_Spring_2013. Or, they can call the Gold Hill Division at 385-2100 and ask for a printed document to fill out, according to Gold Hill Commander Pat Rigdon.
       For survey purposes, “Westside” essentially re-fers to the Old Colorado City and avenue area, but that isn't meant to exclude the rest of town west of I-25.
       “We're focusing on those areas because of the value of the historic district and the issues the avenue has had,” Rigdon said. At the same time, “we want responses from people who use those areas or have an opinion on what should be accomplished and their perception of safety over there.”
       The survey was developed by Amanda Terrell-Orr, the CSPD's planning and grants administrator. The city has received feedback at public meetings, she said, but would also like to get it in a more “systematic” way.
       The survey consists of questions that can be answered with check marks, including opportunities to rate police responsiveness; or with text, such as ideas to improve safety.
       Orr estimated filling out the survey should take about 10 minutes.
       In the past year, police say they have worked to put more manpower on the Westside and to increase the number of community service officers, which allows more “face-to-face” opportunities with citizens.

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