List of ‘uses’ for Westside center property

       The following is the list of “potential uses” at the city-owned Westside Community Center, as stated in its development plan:
       1 - Teen programs - any variety of after school enrichment, life skills, recreation, remedial education, teen nights, health, nutrition, etc.
       2 - Therapeutic recreation - inclusion programs - programs designed to meet the needs of the disabled including advocacy and support roles. Activities can be in the areas of general recreation, health and wellness, social stimulation, outdoor adventures, etc. Participants can be in the age groups of pre-schoolers through adults 18 years or older.
       3 - Limited health clinic services - visiting nurses, well baby, emergency food and clothing, nutrition education, vaccination sites, etc
       4 - Summer programs - day camps, day trips, introduction to sports, arts programs, teen lounges, etc.
       5 - Adult and seniors - site for Golden Circle nutrition program (meals provided through the Colorado Springs Housing Authority), older-adult wellness programs, adult exercise classes, arts and crafts, practical skills classes. The city's existing senior center may be able to accommodate some program use.
       6 - Early childhood and daycare programs - child care, language and physical development, social enrichment, learning experiences, etc.
       7 - Non-profit office space - local non-profits housing and operating out of the existing office spaces.
       It is the city's primary goal to see the continuation of services to the low-income, underserved, and physically/developmentally disadvantaged.

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