Service cut off, Uintah closed in line break Feb. 9

       Colorado Springs Utilities had to close Uintah Street in both directions between 17th and 19th streets to repair a broken water line Feb. 9.
       The mishap left nearby King Soopers, Belcrest Animal Clinic and the Mountain Mama strip mall out of water from about 4 a.m. until service was restored at 3:30 p.m., according to Dave Grossman of Colorado Springs Utilities.
       The line that broke was made of cast iron, 8 inches in diameter, laid in 1969. It apparently broke as a result of age and recent freeze-thaw cycles. It was replaced with more flexible PVC pipe, he said.
       The broken pipe was under the left-hand westbound lane, paralleling the street, but crews decided to shut down all of Uintah in that area for safety reasons because of ice on the road surface, Grossman said.
       Uintah's traffic was temporarily rerouted along Armstrong Avenue.

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