Biz Buzz:
Restaurant on Roundhouse radar

       Restaurant wanted for Roundhouse commercial center. Inquire at Griffis-Blessing development company. Would help if you don't have to borrow.
       When Griffis-Blessing renovated the Roundhouse last year, the company was open to various kinds of commercial tenants in the roughly 30,000-square-foot space. Except for the northernmost 4,500 square feet. That part was laid out with a restaurant in mind, one that would include an open-air deck with a view of Pikes Peak.
       “Everyone agrees it would be a great spot,” said Griffis/Blessing president Steve Engel.
       The problem is, no one foresaw the restraints on the current economy. Different groups have inquired about starting a restaurant at the Roundhouse - for example, a recent suitor with good equity - but “they can't get bank financing,” Engel said.
       No small amount would be needed. He estimated “well north of half a million dollars.”
       In all, about 9,000 square feet of unlet space remains in the one-time train-engine repair facility for the Midland railway.
       Griffis-Blessing is open to proposals, but is not giving up on the idea of a restaurant at the north end. “We'll continue to talk to everyone until we can make a deal,” Engel said.
       The clock in the Old Town Plaza's tower has been broken since November, but it could be working again by Wednesday, April 21.
       That's when a repair crew from Ross Electric plans to to go up the tower at 25th Street and Colorado Avenue in a motorized bucket, open up the clock mechanism and replace a stripped-out gear and also replace two light bulbs and a ballast.
       The cost is being covered by the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District, which looks after public amenities along Colorado Avenue between 24th and 27th streets.
       The clock was installed in 1979, a gift from the West Colorado Springs Commer-cial Club in memory of Old Colorado City businessman Clarion Chambon, who had built the plaza.
       “It's definitely an icon to the Westside,” said Jared Wiens of Ross. “Apparently some people are real fond of that clock. They let them [district representatives] know all the time.”
       Danny Gieck, the City Parks liaison to the district's committee, said the gear had to be ordered after initial troubleshooting determined that the clock stoppage was not a power issue.
       Peak Business Concepts, which recently opened at 2418 W. Colorado Ave, Suite I, in Old Colorado City, offers divisions of expertise to assist businesses in merchant services and insurance issues. Business owner Stephen Gavin has 10 years experience in the field.
       Peak Business Concepts is open Monday through Friday and by appointment.
       For more information, call 434-2300.

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