In the past week, Colorado Springs City Parks staff has clarified information it previously provided about the Colorado Springs Midland Trail/ Manitou Springs Creek-walk construction schedule. The current project (written about in the Oct. 21 Westside Pioneer) will encompass only the Creekwalk segment at the southern part of Manitou Springs' Mustang Field and a small portion on the west side of Beckers Lane, Sarah Bryarly of Colorado Springs Parks said. Having taken over the project in recent months from a staffer who left the department, she initially thought the current work would extend all the way to Columbia Road, but after the Pioneer went to press last week she explained that a separate bidding process is necessary for the segment between the field and Columbia, Bryarly said.
       That process is under way, she said, and the work on that segment is expected to start within a few months.
       When complete, the Midland Trail/Creekwalk will provide a paved, non-road path between the Colorado Springs and Manitou downtowns. The existing trail on the Westside is between America the Beautiful Park and 21st Street.

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