NB 31st about to reopen through Pleasant Valley

       The 31st Street portion of a major sewer-line replacement project in Pleasant Valley is scheduled for completion by next week.

A trench at 31st Street and Platte Avenue marks the northernmost point in the project to replace an aging wastewater line under northbound 31st Street. Also being worked on are segments of Platte, Pleasant Street and Uintah Street.
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       “We should be done with 31st by next week, all paved and ready to go,” said Dave Grossman, a Colorado Springs Utilities spokesperson.
       Simultaneous work on nearby neighborhood streets will take a few weeks longer. “We'll try to get done before Christmas, but it's unpredictable this time of year with the short days and the weather,” he said.
       Starting Nov. 1, the project between Colorado and Platte avenues has forced northbound traffic to detour to 30th Street to allow the replacement of an 8-inch- diameter clay pipe (which had been laid in the late 1940s and early 1950s) with 15-inch PVC.
       Grossman also happily reported that the work allowed the removal of an old sewer pipe under the Camp Creek ditch between the two sides of 31st. Removing wastewater lines over or under waterways is a continuing policy of Utilities because of past pollution problems that have occurred when such lines break.
       The project contractor is Wildcat Civil Services, with Trax Construction doing the pavement work.
       Grossman also was asked why the sewer-line work, which was planned in advance, occurred scarcely half a year after new chipseal had been laid over both sides of 31st Street in a City Street Division project. He did not have a precise answer, but said that representatives of those entities do meet regularly. “We try to coordinate as much as we can, but there are times when schedules conflict,” he said.

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