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January 14th, 2010                 Your weekly news source for the Colorado Springs Westside -- Online Edition                 Volume 7, Number 2

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Celebrating the 'best side'

Other than garden, Westside Center's future still unclear: Ideas sought as Mar. 31 deadline looms

Bonds to fund Centennial in Indian Hills

City to 'go green' in new part of Fairview Cemetery

EDITOR'S DESK: Off in a cloud of dust

Meet a Westside Pioneer! Guy Dobbin

COBWEB CORNERS: The contributions of Matt France

Mesa Springs residents grapple with MVS proposal

Homeless info, board election Jan. 28 at OWN meeting

Hughes tells Old Town's story: Former Colorado City downtown hit hard times before late '70s 'rebirth'

Cullen, small-business owner, announces as Republican challenger for House District 18

Trumpets lead way for Coronado All-Staters Band

31st & Colorado last stop in Route 3 upgrade project

Westside Briefs: Rock Ledge up to $21,000

Westside schools: Caremobile coming to Midland

Westside celebrates itself in History Center event

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