New PPACG target: regional greenhouse gas emissions

       Public comments are being taken until Jan. 14 on the “proposed goals and performance measures for the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Update,” a press release states.
       Among the goals in the 16-page document by the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) is one for steadily reducing regional transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions, so that in 2035 they will be 30 percent less than in 2005.
       Sallie Clark, a Westside county commissioner and PPACG board member, said that “there was a lot of discussion over this at the last PPACG meeting [Dec. 8), and while we approved the information going out for public comment, it was my impression that the board members were not supportive of the language. These were ideas brought forth by the public meetings, not by the board. I expect these are too aggressive and not attainable.”
       She was referring to four preceding public workshops to develop goals and performance measures, to which “specific invitations were given to transportation, housing, economic development, and environmental agencies,” the press release states.
       According to Jason Wilkinson of PPACG, the greenhouse-gas language is in keeping with previously approved PPACG transportation documents, as well as President George Bush's executive order 13423, which calls for similar reduction goals.
       The proposed goals and performance measures do not specify what has to be done to attain such reductions, nor the anticipated social or economic impacts.
       According to PPACG board chair Wayne Williams, “the document will guide PPACG staff and advisory committees in developing the short- and long-range transportation strategies for the Pikes Peak urbanized area.”
       People wishing to view and comment on the goals and performance measures can go to and click on the link at left under “News.” To receive a hard copy, call Wilkinson at 471-7080 x139.
       Located in offices on the Westside, PPACG is the planning agency for the three-county region of El Paso, Park and Teller counties, Elected officials from those governments within those entities serve on the PPACG board.

Westside Pioneer/press release