Meet a Westsider:
Evan Brewer

Profession/Occupation... Member service representative at a Westside credit union.

What I like most about the Westside is... our true sense of community

If I could change anything about the Westside, it would be... to see more diverse local businesses. A liquor store, MMJ dispensary and bar on every block donít reflect our eclectic neighborhoods. But I love all the great, unique businesses that have popped up Ė letís see more of those.

A good movie Iíve seen recently is... ďAway We Go.Ē Itís about a young couple trying to find a suitable new home for their growing family. I love an independent comedy.

I'd like to discover... a fountain of youth, Iíll be 30 soon, and could really use one.

If I could meet someone famous, Iíd like to meet... Iíd like to meet Kermit the Frog, and President Obama in that order.

The next time I travel, Iím going... Dallas, Texas, to see someone special.

My favorite childhood memory is... High Trails Camp outside Florissant. Itís special to me because generations of children from Colorado Springs junior highs and middle schools spent time at the camp, including my own father.

My favorite fall pastime is... planning a personal survival guide for the Colorado winter. Iím a warm-weather person.

Something good Iíve read is... classic novels from my high school days. Itís amazing how books can be rediscovered and the message that you get out of them is different when youíve been around a little longer or had more life experiences.

My pet peeve is... when people lose their sense of humor. Iíve found there are very few occasions worth losing oneís temper. I admire an individual who handles lifeís sticky situations with grace, and laughing in those moments shows your determination not to let the stress break you down.

If I won the lottery Iíd... pay off my debt, and donate a lot to a worthy charity, like the government.

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