More CO2 helps greenhouse plants
       PPACG believes it is beneficial to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as stated in an article in the Dec. 16 Westside Pioneer.
       Yet recent studies by the Ontario, Canada, Ministry of Agriculture's Food & Rural Affairs office show that doubling the amount of carbon dioxide inside a greenhouse produces more then four times the crops. The website is: http:// www.omafra.gov.on.calenglishlcrops/facts/00-077.htm.
       All vegetation gets its nourishment from carbon dioxide. All vegetation would die without it. If carbon dioxide would increase, imagine what that would do to the world.
       The whole idea of global warming is a myth. How did Greenland get its name? In 800 AD, the earth warmed up due to activity on the sun. As a result, Greenland turned green and farmers came and grazed their animals and raised crops. The Little Ice Age began in 1400 AD, and all the farmers had to leave. The only inhabitants left were those in the fishing villages. So if the glaciers are melting now, it is not because of global warming. It is simply part of the sun's activity and it has happened before. Currently, we are at the end of the Little Ice Age, and so we would expect some warming and melting of the glaciers.
       Charles Hapgood in Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, shows maps of Antarctica made thousands of years ago which show no glacier. (Currently, there is ice 50 miles out into the ocean.) The maps were created by ancient mariners showing the sea coasts, rivers and valleys. The maps have been verified by our military.

Fred Zobel