CSIC, Wellbriety offices open at church

       The public had a chance Jan. 23 to check out the recently opened Colorado Springs Indian Center (CSIC) and Wellbriety Institute at Trinity United Methodist Church, 701 N. 20th St.

Four Colorado Springs Indian Center (CSIC) board members are seen in the group's recently opened office inside Trinity United Methodist Church during the Jan. 23 open house. From left are Don Coyhis (also the leader of the national Wellbriety Institute, which has a neighboring office), Lorenzo Tsosie, Jim Ramirez and Karen Medville. The CSIC offices are open to the public Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.
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       The roughly 500 square feet of offices were made available to these American Indian groups by the church late last year. Starting Feb. 1, the CSIC offices will be open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 a.m. to noon. The phone is 599-8630.
       Wellbriety is open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The phone is 548-1000.
       Decorated with paintings and other American Indian artworks, each office is furnished with tables, chairs and work areas, and stocked with a variety of informational materials. The entities also share a supply room and a break room.
       CSIC organizes activities for Native Americans in the region, while Wellbriety runs programs using traditional tribal teachings to help Indians overcome personal problems that can lead to alcohlism.
       “In comparison to the previous office at 6145 Lehman, the office space at our new location is very accommodating,” said Jim Ramirez, chairman of the board for the Indian Center. “Also, it provides sufficient privacy for individual or group meetings.”
       Another plus, according to Ramirez, is being allowed to use the church's kitchen, eating area and gym.
       Don Coyhis, a member of the board and also the Wellbriety leader, said the new location has given his work a boost already. In past years, he would travel to different parts of the country to work with people on his programs; now they are coming to Colorado Springs. These include two sessions in February and four more in March. “It just makes you smile,” Coyhis said.

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