Lee: ‘All ideas on the table’

       On the one hand, Pete Lee is glad to be elected the District 18 state representative Nov. 2. On the other hand, the biggest tasks facing the Statehouse are cutting $1 billion from the budget and seeking ways to bring back a weak economy.


       If you have any proposals, he'd like to hear them, whether you voted for him or not. Lee, a Democrat, will begin his term in January.
       “I wouldn't preclude any ideas,” said. “Fortunately, Colorado is not in the position of the federal government where it can print money, so I so think all ideas are on the table. I don't to want to prejudge anything.”
       At the same time, he is not a critic of the current Democratic administration, which is printing money. “The jury is out on the stimulus package,” he said. “It brought money to Colorado Springs. It kept our economy nationally from going over the edge.”
       Lee defeated Republican challenger Karen Cullen by a 55-45 margin. He had lost his previous try for state office (the State Senate District 12 seat, to Republican Keith King in 2008).
       Asked why he thought he did so well in what otherwise was a strong Republican year, Lee said he stayed away from negative campaigning, used a “targeted” approach to the issues and tried to emphasize his experience in business and as a lawyer and his work as a community volunteer.
       His election extends a trend of Democrats representing HD 18, which includes much of the older Westside. Michael Merrifield has held the state 10 years, but will have to step down after 2010 because of term limits.
       Lee said, however, “I don't consider it a party seat. I represent all the people. Twenty-four thousand people voted, and I hope to represent them all.”

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