‘Showdown’ doubles its fun

       There was no “sophomore jinx” for the Old Town Showdown in Old Colorado City over the July 24-25 weekend.

Visitors to Old Town Showdown July 24 sample food prepared by Adam Myers (right) of Hasty Bake, a barbecue company from Tulsa. Invited by the Barbeque Mercantile shop in Old Colorado City, Hasty Bake also provided cooking demonstrations during the weekend event.
Westside Pioneer photo

       In its second year, the barbecue/chili-focused event sponsored by the Old Colorado City Associates (OCCA) business group sold about 1,200 food/drink tickets and attracted an estimated overall crowd of 2,000 to 2,500 people, according to OCCA President Don Wick.
       These numbers roughly doubled those from the first-time Showdown in 2009 - which had been enough to cover OCCA costs. “We made in the first day what we made last year,” he said, cautiously predicting that final tallies would show that the OCCA made a profit.
       Referring to the predicted thunderstorms that never came, Wick added, “Our weather committee gets kudos.”
       People who bought $8 tickets got to sample chili and barbecued meat from local merchants or area cooking companies. For $4 more, they could also sample “craft” beers at different businesses that have liquor licenses.
       Bands played for free in Bancroft Park and in the 2600 block parking lot, and a kids play area was also provided in the park.
       The main goal was to attract people to Old Colorado City, and Wick believes the OCCA succeeded. “It was nothing but good news,” he said. “The shops were busy, and some had record days.”

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