Actually there were 51 applications

       In our July 22 issue, the Westside Pioneer sought to run a full list of applications to the city for medical marijuana facilities with Westside addresses.
       As it turns out, we overlooked one: Indispensary, 3044 W. Colorado Ave., for both a medical marijuana center (storefront dispensary) and a manufacturing facility (which would “infuse” marijuana into items such as baked goods for the dispensary).
       (See a related story on the development plan for the old house at that address, starting on Page 1).
       The addition of these two applications raises the total number with Westside addresses to 51, with 39 of them being for dispensaries.
       The city is allowing current dispensaries citywide to continue providing marijuana to registered patients “until city and state licensing systems are developed,” according to city spokesperson John Leavitt.
       The application deadline was July 1. Leavitt added that by the deadline, the city had recorded the following application numbers:
  • 176 for dispensaries.
  • 71 for “infused” products.
  • 204 for “grow” facilities (where medical marijuana is cultivated for businesses' dispensaries).
           The cost per application was $500. According to Leavitt, the city generated $225,500 from the process.

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