Pine Creek Art Gallery to become 100% Internet
Dec. 24 last day for Old Town shop after 20 years

       The Pine Creek Art Gallery, an anchor business in Old Colorado City's 2400 block for nearly 20 years, will close its doors after Dec. 24, moving all its sales online.

Inside her store this week, Pine Creek Art Gallery owner Nancy Stovall holds a couple of art objects from the store.
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       Owner Nancy Stovall said it was not an easy decision. “I hate the fact that the Internet is taking over,” she said. “I believe in retail stores. People can go in and look at things and you're supporting the local community.”
       But the economic downturn has put an undeniable pinch on the store's business. “Our online sales have been increasing steadily every year, and our sales here [in the building] have been decreasing,” Stovall said. “How can you keep cutting overhead and continue on?”
       After Dec. 24, plans call for an end to retail sales but continued activity within the store through January, as store furniture and fixtures are sold.
       The 3,200-square-foot storefront at 2419 W. Colorado Ave. will not be closed for very long. A Touch of Class, a gift shop currently at 2506A W. Colorado Ave., expects to relocate there by early February, business owner John George said this week. “It's a bigger space,” he explained, with a prominent feature being the “full- length windows that let people see things better.” Also favorable, he noted, is the location, across from the Garman's store and Bancroft Park and near a few restaurants.
       Stovall was first involved in Old Colorado City from 1980 to 1986, when she and her ex-husband offered an art broker service on 26th Street in the old Colorado City jail building (which burned down in 1990).
       Opening Pine Creek Art Gallery in 1991, Stovall sought a “Western niche” for her art, but she tried “to keep a real balance” between high-end and low-end items, she said. “I think art is for everybody, at different levels.”
       Online, she sells art from two websites - one titled Art Brokers of Colorado, the other Pine Creek Art Gallery.
       She pledged that she won't completely vanish from Old Colorado City. One of the founders of the Historic District Merchants (HDM) retail group that formed last year (and is now one of two business associations in Old Colorado City), she plans to stay involved with HDM, even though she will be stepping down as chair. “I've made so many friends, and I've been here so long, I want to support the merchants here,” she said. “You'll still see me up and down the avenue.”

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