Gold Hill recycling success

       Despite snowfall and short notice, a first-time recycling event proved popular at Gold Hill Mesa March 14.

Tyler McClung (left) and leprechaun-for-a-day Jeff Perlow take advantage of free recycling bins provided by the Gold Hill Mesa ownership as part of their first-time St. Patrick's Day "Go Green" event outside the development's Exchange Building community center March 14.
Dixon Anderson photo

       About 175 people over a four-hour time frame dropped off an estimated 700 pounds of “single stream” materials and most of them stuck around for food and live music, according to Stephanie Edwards, spokesperson for the Westside residential/ commercial development. She described the turnout as “amazing, considering that we came up with the idea just a couple of weeks prior.”
       The event was sponsored by the Gold Hill Mesa development partnership, which is subdividing 210 acres that housed a gold-milling operation until about 60 years ago.
       Called “Go Green for the Springs,” the recycling event tied environmental green with the traditional green of St. Patrick's Day.
       Edwards said the event was part of Gold Hill's continuing effort to be “a responsible community partner of the Westside.” The development, which began construction five years ago, “is basically a big recycling project because we are restoring the land and ensuring that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful community.”
       She estimated that half the attendees were from the subdivision and another half from surrounding neighborhoods. “This was our 'beta test' year, and we had enough interest and enthusiasm to make this an annual occasion,” she said.

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